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Title: 街頭搶奪犯罪時間特性之研究
Analysis Temporal Characteristics of Street Snatch Crimes--A Point of View from Routine Activity Theory
Other Titles: 日常活動理論之觀點
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2008
Publisher: 中華民國犯罪學學會
Abstract: 台灣街頭搶奪犯罪問題日益嚴重,近年來國內以搶奪犯罪爲題的研究及報告陸續產生,但研究主題多以犯罪者、被害者和空間面向爲主,少有以時間面向爲主題之研究。目前有關犯罪時間的分析方法以次數分析最常見,故本研究以卡方適合度考驗、卡方獨立性考驗統計方法和四分位分鐘法來彌補次數分析的不足,並由「日常活動理論」觀點來探討搶案發生時間與日常活動之關係。本研究以台中市西屯區2001~2005年之1,272件街頭搶奪犯罪爲實證研究對象,研究結果發現:(1)搶案在月份的分布上有顯著差異,且與氣溫變化有關,(2)搶案在日別的分布上無顯著差異,但假日的搶案熱時起、迄時間比非假日晚約半小時,(3)搶案在每日小時的分布上有顯著差異,且犯罪發生強度與日常活動強度相似,(4)不同土地使用地區之搶案每日時間分布特性不同,夜市商圈在凌晨搶奪犯罪率最高,且每日犯罪時間分布最分散,住商混合區在早上搶奪犯罪率較高,且每日犯罪熱時起始時間最早。
Street snatch crime has become an increasingly serious problem in Taiwan. Recently, more researches on snatch crimes have generated, but these studies focused less on offenders, victims, spatial dimensions, and temporal dimensions of snatch crimes. This research takes 1,272 street snatch crimes recorded by police institutions during 2001 to 2005 in Si-Tun District of Taichung city as data analysis. This paper also applies "routine activity theory" to explore relation between street snatches occurred and daily activities. The research results are (1) Monthly distributions of street snatches are related with temperature changes. (2) There are no significant differences on distributions of days on street snatch crimes. (3) Hourly distributions of snatch crimes are similar to daily activities. (4) Daily time distributions of snatch crimes are related with different land usage.
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