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Title: 粵東原鄉「三山國王」神祇的性質
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-1993
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Abstract: Triplex Mountain King Worship Cult, in so far as the Religiosity Movement is concerned as regards its deification process, originated from three mystic peaks situated in Dieux-Joux County of Kwang Tung, its mystic attributes came forth from the religious environemental perception setting in the locality, then, bit by bit, through a humanitarian, civilizational transmute-tion process, the object-as-form-of-beauty changed into an object-of-morality, and eventually through a substantive conversion process, into a Homeland Guardian Deity. It has further, grad-ually gained weight up from once a regional, provincial deity level, into sort of a national consecration cult, in other words a nationwide homeland Guardian Deity, from then on its spell has by far exceeded its original setting that was provincially East Kwang tung, it has indeed since become a national consecratory cult. B asically, the formative process of the Triplex Mountion King Worship Cult can be regarded as a form of religious projection of man-Land relationship that is so characteristically traditionally chinese. Beginning from the Deity Mounatian, it gained heavenly ordination to become sort of Godly Human being, the incarnation in a sense, what with the buildup of a mortal-cum-deceased, but immortal soul cult developed over the years by-gone, it become a Homeland Guardian Deity highly revered and acknowledged by the country folks. In fact and indeed each element and junture in the evolutive process has come about as a result of the compromise to a highly refined level, between the underlying natural setting and the meta-physic human activities having taken place thereon, exhibited in largely religious forms. To put it another way, each phase in the evolution of the Triplex King Cult, has come largely as a result of people's innate quest from the existing world, civilian and natural surroundings inclu-sive, for the godly feat of protection under the Treplex Mountain king, the civilisational element in the interplay has helped to acquisition of prosperity, richness and peaceful asylum, the gradual upgrading of the phase-to-phase process is manifset evidence of the interaction, and levelling between nature and humanity, cult of the incarnation and the worshipping mass. The basic rationale of the Triplex King Cult lies in Protecting the Country and safeguard虹ng the Countryside, both Country and Counrtyside must correlate in substance to the every-day living reality than takes form and runs from day to cay on the earth, on top of the soil. Today the Hakka inhabitants of Taiwan who are direct descendents from immigrants from eastern Region, Kwang Tung hundreds of years ago, here hold sacred and hallow Triplex king the Guardian / god of their forefather's homeland in this land of immigration Taiwan, can be largely explained by the voluntary willingness to consecrate the king for eternal peace and pros計erity, today for themselves and for their offsprings of tomorrow too. It seems appropriate and to the point to view the matter with this perspective for anybody interested in attempting to find out the cultural landscape and cultural space of the formation of Triplex King Colt here in Taiwan.
ISSN: 1019-6684
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