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Title: 郡社布農語動詞序列研究
Verb Serialization in Isbukun Bunun
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學英語學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本計畫的研究對象,為郡社布農語的動詞序列 (verb serialization) 結構。一般對動詞序列的定義,是單一句中有兩個或兩個以上的動詞、動詞組接連出現,各自獨立不為附屬,而且沒有顯性連接詞連接的結構。此結構在形式句法理論之文獻討論中,尚未達成一個普遍被接受的結論,而其中主要有五大分析方法: 隱性並列、雙頭中心語、隱性代詞、不同結構點之並列、賓語移位等;本計畫藉著討論布農語的動詞序列結構,其中一個目的就是希望檢驗上述之動詞序列理論研究;另外由於此議題在傳統的討論焦點中,來自述語前置 (predicate-initial) 的語言語料相對地較少,因此布農語的語料勢必能為這個議題注入新的觀點,激盪出新的思維。另外,在南島語的研究中,動詞序列結構也一直是一個相當受到關注的議題,特別是在以下兩個問題上: 動詞詞類、施事者焦點限制。前者是指南島語中的詞類區別本屬不易,尤其是動詞這個類別,因此在探討動詞序列結構,我們也必須對詞類區別提出明確的定義及測試方法;後者則是指在許多南島語之動詞序列句型中,非主要動詞之動詞形態都必須帶主動語態 (Active Voice) 的限制情形,此研究也將討論此議題並進行布農與其他台灣南島語之比較。此計畫將由調查布農語不同的動詞類別所組成的動詞序列開始,抽絲剝繭的討論上述議題,雖然可能尚有許多問題待解決,我們相信本計畫的發現與分析對動詞序列的問題能提供極佳的釐清,並有相當的貢獻。
This project aims at a syntactic analysis of verb serialization in Isbukun Bunun. Serial verb constructions are typically characterized by the appearance of more than two verbs or verb phrases, which are mutually independent and not connected by any overt coordination marker. A common understanding of this structure within the generative framework is yet to be reached. There are basically five major approaches: covert coordination, double-headedness, mediation of pro, coordination of distinct structural joints, and object shift. One of the objectives of this project is to examine the above theories by incorporating the data from Bunun in the overall discussion of verb serialization. In particular, in the previous works there have been much fewer data that come from predicate-initial languages. Therefore, by collecting the relevant data in Bunun will surely help broaden the empirical coverage and, hopefully, shed some new lights on this issue. Furthermore, verb serialization has been an important issue in the studies of Austronesian or Formosan languages, particularly on the following issues. First, a number of previous works have argued that the adverbial modifiers in these languages usually occur as matrix verbs; therefore, one priority is to offer a fine-grained definition (and corresponding diagnoses) of verbs or predicates and, accordingly, a descriptively adequate characterization for verb serialization for these languages. Second, it has been observed in the literature that in many Austronesian languages, the second verb in certain V-V sequences must carry actor voice, no matter whether the first verb is inflected with actor or non-actor voice. This is the so-called AV-restriction or Actor Sensitivity effect. In this study we will try to examine this effect in Bunun and compare with other Formosan languages. In data elicitation, we will start by investigating serial verb constructions that are composed of different verb types and thereby scrutinize the aforementioned issues on this intricate topic. We believe that this research can make a substantial contribution to the verb serialization problems in Austronesian languages and to the syntactic theory of serial verb constructions in general.
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