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Title: 會議口譯專業倫理與課程設計之初探
An Exploratory Study of Professional Ethics for Conference Interpreters and Its Course Design Implications�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學翻譯研究所
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2012
Publisher: 中華民國翻譯學學會
Abstract: 本研究旨在調查目前臺灣口譯界對會議口譯專業倫理之認知與相關課程實施現況,並分析調查結果對會議口譯專業倫理規範課程設計之影響意涵。 本研究參考Tseng (1992)針對台灣口譯市場所提出的專業化模型及汝明麗(2009)所提之修正建議,認為目前台灣口譯市場處於準專業化階段:口譯教學訓練機構在培養專業譯者的同時日漸注重學術能力的強化;在專業口譯協會還未出現之前,會議公司、口譯設備廠商等中介機構對於市場的影響力與日俱增。在這樣的情況下,翻譯研究所與中介機構如何影響台灣口譯專業倫理規範的發展,實為一值得關注,但卻鮮少研究論及的議題。 本研究以台灣六所翻譯研究所之專任教師、現役口譯員與中介機構(會議公司)為對象,透過問卷調查詢問受訪者對於會議口譯專業倫理內涵的認知、專業倫理內涵是否落實於市場實務、口譯教學機構是否提供口譯專業倫理課程、理想的口譯專業倫理課程應包含哪些要素。希望從本研究出發,逐步建立學界、業界口譯員、以及中介機構對會議口譯專業倫理認知的共識,進而形塑培訓機構內的相關課程設計,讓新生代口譯員對此一重要議題有更完整深入的認識,最終促使台灣口譯專業化盡早正式邁入專業化階段。
Drawing from Tseng's sociological model of interpreting professionalization (1992) and Ju’s revision of the model (2009), this study presumes that interpreting in Taiwan is currently in the stage of quasi-professionalization, where training institutions strive for academication while agents, in place of professional associations, exert increasing influence on the interpreting market. How these significant stakeholders along with active interpreters in the market view the content of professional ethics and its training will have a huge impact on further professionalization of interpreting in Taiwan. This study thus administered questionnaires among the said three groups of stakeholders in the hope of shedding light on issues such as what constitutes professional ethics for conference interpreters, whether/how professional ethics is practiced by market participants, whether ethics courses are offered at training institutes and what elements ought to be incorporated in a professional ethics courses at the post graduate level.
ISSN: 2070-9668
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0506_01_004
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