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Title: 大學圖書館員利用部落格進行繼續教育之初探
An Exploratory Investigation of Academic Librarians and Their Use of Blogs for Continuing Education�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2010
Publisher: 國立政治大學
Abstract: 大學圖書館員是大學圖書館的重要資產,面對改變與自我成長需求甚於其他類型的圖書館員,需要繼續不斷的學習以充實自我。網際網路的普及使館員可以透過各種類型的知識分享平台在工作之餘繼續學習,閱讀部落格便是一種有效的方式。本研究採用深度訪談法訪談12名利用部落格進行繼續教育的館員,探討部落格吸引館員使用其繼續教育之因素、部落格在繼續教育管道中之定位、以及部落格資訊對館員工作生涯的影響。研究並針對大學圖書館員、大學圖書館、以及部落客等三方面在館員利用部落格繼續教育時所該扮演角色給予相關建議。
Academic librarians play an important role in solidifying and expanding the foundation of an academy library. The capabilities required of them to cope with ongoing changes in librarianship are different from those required of other types of librarians. Continuing education through the medium of the Internet may efficiently help academic librarians gain access to resources that facilitate their development of the required capabilities. The network of the Internet enables academic librarians to enrich their mind and abilities by reaching and acquiring a variety of information through multiple kinds of online knowledge-sharing platforms. The medium of blog is one of these platforms that may widely provide information for academic librarians. In this study, 12 academic librarians who have the experience of applying the medium of blog for the purpose of pursuing continuing education were interviewed. Through an analysis of the in-depth interviewing, this study aims to answer questions regarding the attractor factors, the role, and the impact of blogs for academic librarians in their pursuit of continuing education. This study also provides some suggestions for the interactions among academic librarians, academy libraries, and bloggers when they respectively deal with the theme of carrying on continuing education through the medium of blog.
ISSN: 1023-2125
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A1206_01_003
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