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Title: 蕭泰然博士作品數位典藏計畫
Digital Archival Project of Dr. Tyzon Hsiao
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 蕭泰然博士為2009 年第二十八屆台灣行政院文化獎唯一得獎人、2004 年第 八屆國家文藝獎得主、國立臺灣師範大學第9 屆傑出校友及音樂學系第52 級系 友,其中尤以國家文藝獎頒發之得獎理由最能對蕭博士之音樂成就與貢獻做清楚 說明,「其作品展現對鄉土的熱愛,成功地融合了浪漫派樂風與台灣民間音樂, 並具國際宏觀視野;畢生為音樂嘔心瀝血,克服病魔持續創作,其毅力與執著, 足堪典範。作品質與量均豐,深受肯定,是台灣近年來少數能在藝術上達成「雅 俗共賞」的作曲家之一;將作品帶到世界各地,並獲極高讚譽,在國際文化藝術 交流工作上做了實質貢獻。」 保存其音樂成就將豐實台灣戰後新音樂發展的脈絡與面貌,而藉由蕭博士之 音樂相關文獻資料的整理保存,將可透視台灣音樂文化的變遷。此外,蕭博士常 將台灣民謠融入作品之中,充分與普羅大眾之生活相連結,其將眾人熟悉之歌謠 融入西式新音樂中之作法,除保存傳統民謠曲調之外,更將民謠簡樸之精神提升 至音樂藝術創作之境界。 此數位典藏計畫期將蕭氏之樂譜手稿、影音資料、展演資料及著作作品,進 行整理與保存,呈現戰後台灣新音樂之發展軌跡與面貌,且將此研究成果提供專 家學者作為學術研究依據,並將成果分享予社會大眾。
Dr. Tyzon Hsiao is the winners of the 28th National Cultural Award, the 8th National Award for Arts and the Distinguished Alumni of the 9th National Taiwan Normal University. The reason of the National Award for Arts to give him this honor explains his achievements and contributions most clearly that “Dr. Hsiao’s works reveal his love of homeland and successfully show the integration of the Romantic style and Taiwanese folk music with an international perspective. He worked hard to overcome difficulty and continued creation. His perseverance and persistence make him the respectful model. His works are abundant and has shared the beauty of his music both to the experts and the public. His works are being performed throughout of the world and highly praised. Dr. Hisao makes a real contribution to the international culture and art.” This project will preserve the development of Taiwan's post-war new music history and the change of Taiwan music culture. In addition, Dr. Hsiao often infuses Taiwanese folk songs into his works reflecting the life of ordinary people vividly. His choice to use familiar folksongs blending with western music style not only preserves the traditional Taiwanese folk songs but also raises its style to the standard of art. This Digital Archival Project will organize and preserve the works, manuscripts and related documents of Dr. Hsiao to present the clearer picture of the development of Taiwan's new music history after WWII. The result of this project will provide both experts to conduct further research and the public to share.
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