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Titel: 科普活動---「一人一科普•全民讀科普」科普閱讀推廣計畫
Popular Science Reading
Autoren: 國立臺灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Erscheinungsdatum: 2010
Zusammenfassung: 本計畫為三年期的大眾科學教育活動計畫,以科普閱讀活動推廣為主軸。由國立台 灣師範大學圖書館與慶祝《科學月刊》40 週年活動籌備委員會共同策畫執行,並於全國 各級學校與公共圖書館推動舉辦一系列科普書推廣活動。 《科學月刊》為台灣科學發展的重要見證。為慶祝成立40 週年,科學月刊40 週年 活動籌委會挑選100 種中文科普好書,借重國立台灣師範大學豐富的科普閱讀活動經驗 來推廣至全國各地。於2010 年3 月2 日起由科學月刊、國立台灣師範大學及國家圖書 館共同宣達2010 年為「科普閱讀年」,將舉辦一系列展覽、圖書導讀會、演講活動、電 影欣賞喚起大眾對科學閱讀的重視,養成科學閱讀的習慣;透用科普閱讀推廣部落格及 媒體報導廣為宣傳;鼓勵一般大眾參與閱讀活動,分享閱讀經驗,並培養科學讀物導讀 隊伍、科學寫作種子,期望透過科普閱讀活動讓全民領受科學真實又充滿想像的無窮魅 力,發掘科學知識的樂趣,提升全民科學素養,進而建構知性且理性的社會。
This project is aimed to promote science reading. A three year long project, it is initiated by National Taiwan Normal University Library and Science Monthly to celebrate its 40th anniversary. This joint project includes holding a series of seminars, programs, and activities to advance science reading at libraries and schools beginning from elementary all the way to institutions of higher education. Science Monthly, one of the nationally critically acclaimed publications in science in Taiwan, will select 100 best science books to recommend for the public to read. Taking advantage of its experience in reading promotion, National Taiwan Normal University Library will publicize those books nationwide, presenting them in school and library settings. Such collaboration between Science Monthly and National Taiwan Normal University Library aims to make this project a success. On March 2nd, Science Monthly and National Taiwan Normal University Library kickstarted and declared 2010 the Year of Science Reading at National Central Library. After the declaration, a series of exhibitions, guided reading, lectures, and movie screenings will be held in succession. Varied kinds of media such as blogs and press will be employed to market the activities and provide channels for dynamic interaction with the public. Moreover, the project seeks to establish a group of science reading guides and science seed writers, for the long term development of science reading. All the effort thus invested focuses on giving the public ample opportunities to experience adventures of science reading and fun of discovery. Consequently, increase in science awareness and knowledge will contribute significantly to the overall betterment of Taiwan as a rational society.
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