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dc.contributor.authorTe-Yu Shihen_US
dc.description.abstract「Che Gu Zhen」is one of the most popular performing arts in the early stages. Categories included but not limited to comedy and vivid performance with singing and dancing style. Sometimes the humor story in performance is the best cure of exhausted workers and used to adjusting life quality. Che Gu Zhen used to be popular on the streets and make everyone follow the performance. Thus, Che Gu Zhen implied the value of culture and it is an important asset of arts. The contents will first describe the geographical distribution of the Che Gu Zhen from Kaohsiung area and modeled the relationship between the reasons for the differences of each performing style. Secondly, introduce by using the different type of Che Gu Zhen groups to analyze the diversification of performance. Next is from the tracks of Che Gu Zhen Traditional music Che Gu Zhen group. In addition, selecting seven tracks from the Traditional music scores to analyze their music structure and content. Che Gu Zhen performing arts in Kaohsiung has been gradually transformed. Many artists are maintaining the learning of postures and motions because of the fitness and recreation. Che Gu Zhen is focused on the singing and music performance. If the Che Gu Zhen artists are no longer singing and dancing by themselves or even use the types to replace the real music performance, then it is the decline of the Che Gu Zhen. The purpose of this study is to keep some records for the Che Gu Zhen in Kaohsiung, on the other hand, hope to arouse public or stakeholders to emphasize on this traditional art.en_US
dc.publisherCollege of Music, NTNUen_US
dc.subject.otherChe Gu Zhenen_US
dc.subject.otherTraditional music scoresen_US
dc.subject.otherMusical formen_US
dc.title.alternativeMusic Research of Kaohsiung area’s Che Gu and it’s music current status(2009-2010)zh_tw
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