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Title: 從蘭嶼發現之臺灣新記錄種灰蝶:窄翅波灰蝶Prosotas gracilis gracilis Röber, 1886 (鱗翅目:灰蝶科:灰蝶亞科:藍灰蝶族)
Other Titles: Prosotas gracilis gracilis Röber, 1886, a New Record of Blue Butterfly Found in Lanyu, Taiwan (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae, Lycaeninae, Polyommatini)
Authors: 徐堉峰
Yu-Feng Hsu, Hang-Chi Huang
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 本文報告由蘭嶼樹冠層採獲之臺灣過去未曾記錄之波灰蝶屬種類雌蝶個體,經檢視結果標本特徵符合Prosotas gracilis gracilis Röber, 1886,該物種種小名gracilis 為拉丁文苗條、纖細之意,用以說明這種灰蝶的雄蝶與其他波灰蝶相較,翅形格外狹窄縱長的特性,據此在本文將之稱為窄翅波灰蝶。窄翅波灰蝶於印度澳太地區分布廣泛,但在各地均頗為罕見。牠在蘭嶼出現可能代表源自菲律賓的偶產個體,但也有可能牠原本便棲息在蘭嶼,只是因棲息於樹冠層,因此難以觀察。
One individual of female Prosotas gracilis Röber, 1886 was collected from canopy of tropical forest in Lanyu, representing a lycaenid butterfly species unrecorded in Taiwan. This Prosotas species is widespread but uncommon throughout the Indo- Australian Region. The individual found in Lanyu may be a straying one from the Philippines, or P. gracilis may actually inhabit Lanyu, but seldom sighted as it may be a canopy-dweller.
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