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Title: 臺灣窗螢之飼養法及其生活環
Other Titles: Rearing Methods and Life Cycle of Pyrocoelia Analis (Coleoptera: Lampyridae)
Authors: 何健鎔
Issue Date: Dec-2003
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 本文研究一種陸生螢火蟲,台灣窗螢在實驗室的飼養方法,以活扁蝸牛飼養台灣窗螢幼蟲,將單隻幼蟲放入容器內,在底部放一層潮濕衛生紙墊,供幼蟲爬行及保持溼度。每日供應足夠的扁蝸牛供幼蟲取食。在室溫18- 30℃,相對濕度RH = 80 ± 5 %,光照L : D=10 : 14之條件下,可完成其生活環。台灣窗螢從卵發育到成蟲平均290.9 ± 61.9天,存活率48.0 %。其卵期、幼蟲期、蛹期及成蟲期分別為21.0 ± 1.5天、242.7 ± 56.9天、11.5 ± 8.9天和17.8 ± 8.3天。幼蟲取食測試結果,僅取食扁蝸牛、非洲大蝸牛及台灣椎實螺等。文中討論台灣窗螢的飼養法、生活環、幼蟲期變異、齡期及保育等問題。
The rearing methods of a terrestrial firefly, Pyrocoelia analis (Fabricius) were studied in the laboratory. Larvae of P. analis were fed with a living snail Bradybaena similaris. Individual larva was placed separately in a container. A piece of wet tissue paper was placed at the bottom of the container to facilitate larval movement and maintain the humidity. Excess snails were added on daily basis. Development of P. analis from eggs to adults required a mean of 290.9 days and egg- to- adult survival rate was 48% (room temperature: 18-30 ℃, RH = 80 ±5 % and L : D = 10 : 14). Durations of egg, larva, pupa and adult stage were 21.0 ±1.5, 242.7 ±56.9, 11.5 ±8.9, and 17.8 ±8.3 days respectively. In food accepted experiments B. similaris, Radix auricularia swinhoei, and Achatina fulica were utilized by the larvae. The rearing methods, variation of the larval duration, larval instars and conservation of P. analis were discussed.
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