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Title: Anyphaena wuyi Zhang, Zhu et Song 2005, A Newly Recorded Spider from Taiwan (Araneae, Anyphaenidae)
Other Titles: 台灣新記錄種武夷近管蛛之記述(蜘蛛目,近管蛛科)
Authors: 陳世煌
Issue Date: Dec-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學生命科學學系
Department of Life Science, NTNU
Abstract: 本文首次記載武夷近管蛛(Anyphaena wuyi Zhang, Zhu et Song 2005)在台灣本島和蘭嶼之發現。武夷近管蛛屬於太平洋近管蛛種群(Anyphaena pacifica species group)與本屬其他種類之主要區別為:雌蛛的交配口位於外雌器上方略成長方形凹窩之兩側,以及具有膨大的腎形受精囊;雄蛛的觸肢脛節突起為二分叉,背叉短小而尖銳,腹叉大而鈍,具有鋸齒狀外側緣和一條腹面的稜脊。武夷近管蛛廣泛分布於台灣2100 公尺以下山區。本文根據台灣之武夷近管蛛標本重新描述、拍照及繪圖。近管蛛科為台灣之新記錄科。
Anyphaena wuyi Zhang, Zhu et Song 2005 is newly recorded from Taiwan. It belongs to the Anyphaena pacifica species group and can be distinguished from all the other congeners by the following combination of characters: the female having a nearly rectangular atrium in front of the epigynum and an enlarged reniform spermatheca; the male having a pronounced ventral knob on all coxae of legs and on the base of palpal tibia, and bearing a bifurcated retrolateral tibial apophysis that is composed of a smaller, pointed dorsal branch and a larger, blunt-tipped with a ventral-keeled and lateral-serrated ventral one. A. wuyi is widely distributed in the forests of Taiwan proper and Lanyu Island. It is ranged from sea shore up to 2100 m above the sea level in elevation. The family Anyphaenidae is recorded from Taiwan for the first time.
Other Identifiers: 03589A2E-171D-CC2A-EF1B-58CCED8939F6
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