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Title: 教育雲端九年一貫國語文創意教學研究-以古典詩歌為例
Other Titles: The Research of Grade 1-9 Chinese Language Creative Teachingon Cloud Platform
Authors: 羅凡晸
Fan-Chen Lo
Issue Date: Sep-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 隨著網路、iPad 、iPhone 、hTC 等科技商品的日漸普及,結合雲端的創新學習模式已成為各界關注焦點,在國語文教育方面,也同樣重視如何藉由這些新興科技來做為教學利器。本文擬結合以上諸多時代創新元素,以雲端互動式遊戲作為「創意、學習」的教學模組,讓學習者能在輕鬆的數位學習環境下學會應得的知識與技能。洪榮昭(2011) 提出,教育性遊戲可分為: (1) learning by playing (自我敢發學習)在遊戲過程中領悟、理解知識; (2) learning for playing (為競賽而學習) ,為了贏得比賽必先準備學習。因此,良好的互動式遊戲能夠讓學習者產生玩興( playfulness) ,進而產生自殺性的主動學習意願'朝向目標前進並確保學習成效;互動式遊戲也可以提供競爭式的學習,為了遊戲過關,為了得到名次,而主動想要學習遊戲中所承載的學科知識,當學習者進入遊戲的心流體驗(flow experience) 峙,遊戲中的趣味性和榮譽成也隨之而來,在無形之中也強化了學習效果。由於不同學科內容的本質與屬性或有同異,因此本文將進行「配對棋組」與「換牌棋手且」兩款概念設計,針對九年一貫國語文學科中古典詩歌內容的同質性結構部分,希望開發出可以適用於雲端App數位遊戲棋組化工具;同時進行學科內容棋組適用性分析,最後,將進行教育推廣並驗證教育雲端的互動遊戲式學習成效。
With the WWW, iPad, iPhone and other mobile carrier's growing popularity, combined with the cloud platform of innovative learning model has become the focus of public attention. This project is intended to cloud platform interactive game as a "creative learning" teaching modules, by the use of cloud platform digital interactive games learning environment so that students can learn in a relaxed environment, learn the knowledge and skills. Hong, J. C.(20 11 )suggested that educational games can be divided into “ learning by playing" and “ learning for playing" . Good interactive games allow learners to generate “playfulness" . When learners have "flow experience" into their heart, the fun and sense of honor has cropped up, invisible reinforced learning. Because the nature and properties of different disciplines maybe different, when they uploaded to the educational cloud platform also have different. This project for the homogeneity of the structure of different disciplines, part of the cloud interactive creativity game is going to design and development module.Besides, we hope that a modular concept, the development of different disciplines can be applied to modular tools for the cloud platform. Otherwise, we will be in Chinese, such as the applicability of the content analysis module, in order to cloud platform in the education market and its commercial value in the 臼ture. During this period, we will depelope “paired module design" and “modular design for license renewal" , combined with mathematical to develop two types of some games. Above games through continuous experiments, testing and modifications, will become products in Taiwan, mainland China, Chinese Applied region, to promote and validate cloud platform interactive educational game-based learning results.
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