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Titel: 林紓及其作品在臺灣考辨
On Shu Lin and His Works in Taiwan
Autoren: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Erscheinungsdatum: 1-Jun-2012
Herausgeber: 國立中正大學中國文學系
Zusammenfassung: 本文關注林紓其人其作與臺灣的關係,著墨重點有三方面:首先從林紓典籍中重構四次來臺始末(1867 、1869 、1878 、1885 年),其次討論林紓作品中觸及臺灣的作品,最後是討論林紓作品(詩、小說、譯作)在臺灣的轉載及改寫。其中可見臺灣番女、妓女、匪女等較特殊女性形象的描繪,及作品流露的畏天循道、講禮防和節孝的觀念。而林譯小說對臺灣文壇影響,主要是《吟邊燕語》此譯著,二十世紀初期的臺灣已經透過林紓此譯作認識了莎士比亞,《臺灣日日新報》的〈丹麥太子〉、〈稜鏡〉、〈玉蟾〉三篇即是對其改易、摹仿學習創作的小說。由於這些作品皆非林紓本人的投稿,刊登時亦未署名作者,甚或改易篇名,更動小說人物姓名,以致林紓及其作品與臺灣的關係未被留意,相關的討論亦未能展開,遠遠不及未曾來臺的魯迅、郭沫若或匆促往返臺地的郁達夫、江亢虎等人的討論。本文透過「林紓與臺灣」之耙梳,可以掌握林紓雖繼蒲松齡之餘緒,但也有自己獨特的成就,尤其技擊小說的書寫對臺灣文學的生成與發展,有一定的作用。而從所刊林紓作品觀之,臺灣漢學界頗能真切掌握林紓作品的特色及意義,並相當及時予以轉刊摹寫,這種種現象說明了臺灣文人對中國文學文壇之熟悉,但隨著1924 年林紓過世及新舊文學論戰起,其小說作品之轉介幾乎斷絕,難以回到1910 年代前後時期的盛況,只有詩作在1930 年代依舊被轉載。
This article is about Shu Lin’s works of literature and his relation to Taiwan. The discussion focused on three aspects. First of all, I reconstruct, from his works, his four consecutive visits of Taiwan (1867, 1869, 1878 and 1885). Secondly, I examine his works which is related to Taiwan. Finally, the discussion is about his poems, novels and translation works which are reprinted as well as rewritten by periodicals or magazines in Taiwan. From these discussions we can see some of his special and specific portrayals of women such as sexual workers and female thieves, as well as the concepts exhibited in his works such as filiality and courtesy. Shu Lin’s influence on Taiwanese literature is mainly exerted by his translation work Yin Bian Yan Yu, through which Shakespeare is introduced to Taiwanese readers. Works printed in Taiwan Ri Ri Xin Bao, such as ‘Denmark Prince’, ‘Prism’ and ‘Jade Toad’, are imitational works for example. Because these works are not written by Shu Lin, and due to other accidental factors, the importance of Shu Lin in Taiwanese literature is ignored for many years, as opposed to writers such as Xun Lu and Kang-Jiang Hu. Through examination of Shu Lin’s works, we can also find that authors from Taiwan are indeed very familiar with works in China. It is however a pity that after 1924, when some fierce debates in literature are uprising , only part of Shu Lin’s works, mostly poems, are continued to be reprinted in Taiwan.
ISSN: 1996-269X
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