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Title: 朝鮮作家朴潤元在臺作品及其臺灣紀行析論
On the Korean Writer Run-yuan Pu's Works and Travel Notes in Taiwan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2011
Publisher: 國立成功大學中國文學系
Abstract: 本文討論朝鮮作家朴潤元在臺及回國後之作品。由於現階段朴潤元留存資料極少,因此本文首先考證其為朝鮮作家無疑,次而對其在臺狀況做初步的勾勒。朴潤元在臺有三篇作品,其中兩篇譯作〈堅忍論〉與〈史前人類論〉,譯自崔南善《時文讀本》,第三篇〈國教宗教辨〉是崇文社徵文之作,討論國教與宗教的議題,表達對臺灣孔教與儒學思想論爭之意見。其回國後之作亦有三篇:〈臺遊雜感〉、〈在臺灣居住的我國(韓國)同胞現況〉、〈臺灣蕃族與朝鮮〉,藉蕃人的生活面相批判當時殖民者日本的現代性文明,並且鼓勵民族意識,同時傳達了在臺的韓人生活面相。綜言之,朴潤元不僅單方面將朝鮮介紹給臺灣讀者,亦將臺灣的社會與文化介紹給朝鮮讀者,為朝鮮讀者打開了認識與親近臺灣的機會。目前學界對日治時期臺韓文學的研究,仍處於榛莽未啟的階段,本文或可提供日後展開研究比較之參考。
This essay focuses on the works of the Korean writer Run-yuan Pu (朴潤元), both when he was in Taiwan and after he was back in Korean. Because the currently accessible data about Run-yuan Pu are quite few, this article shall first of all make sure, based on available evidence, that he really is a Korean writer and, secondly, approximate the general background concerning his stay in Taiwan. Run-yuan Pu wrote 3 works when he was in Taiwan, including two works of translation 堅忍論 and 史前人類論 (translated from 崔南善’s 時文讀本), and 國教宗教辨 (which discusses issues concerning religion and national religion related to controversies over Confucianism in Taiwan). After he was back in Korean, he wrote another 3 works:臺遊雜感,在臺灣居住的我國(韓國)同胞現況and臺灣蕃族與朝鮮(which criticize the colonial power Japan, advocate nationalism and at the same time illustrate the daily lives of Korean residents in Taiwan). To summarize, Run-yuan Pu not only introduces Korea to readers in Taiwan, but also presents Taiwanese society and culture to Korean readers, increasing the opportunities of interaction and recognition of each other. The current literature is considerably devoid of researches about Taiwan-Korea literature, hence this essay is intended as a contribution for later and further researches on this subfield.
ISSN: 1817-0021
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