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Title: 探討數位學習環境中學生科學探究歷程和學習策略-總計畫(Ⅱ)
Investigating Students' Inquiry Practices and Learning Strategies in Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科學教育研究所
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2010
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 本整合型計劃採行長期追蹤研究方法(Panel study),擬於3年(8年級到10年級)研究期間,多次針對相同樣本(1班學生)進行4個課程(光學、四季、My World GIS融入環境議題和空氣品質)探究教學實驗,並收集數種量的(電腦紀錄、量表與測驗)和質的(晤談與教室觀察)資料,探討探究課程對學生探究能力的影響。並且選取同校另外一班學生作為空白組,同時接受研究工具的施測,以協助研究者區別出”隨時間遞移學生可能在認知能力增長”與”實際因為探究課程實施帶給學生的認知成長”。第一年完成網站平台建置、教師探究教學訓練、探究能力診斷紙筆與實作測驗、以及光學和四季兩個課程的設計和教學實驗。第二年整合型計劃的總計劃完成的課程為: My World GIS融入水庫單元和校園替代能源單元等教材設計。於學生完成環境議題課程後,針對空白組和實驗組施行探究能力診斷紙筆與實作測驗。經分析課程前後兩組學生的探究能力表現,發現實驗組在計畫分項的平均得分顯著高於空白組的學生,且在計畫分項的平均得分顯著高於空白組的學生,顯示此課程能顯著提昇學生計畫科學探究過程的能力。
As a longitudinal study, our research group will conduct an inquiry-based and technology-enhanced learning with a cooperative high school at Kaohsiung for 3 years. Four lessons in light, seasons, environmental issue and air quality will be used in a class in order to examine students’ progress in conceptual understanding and inquiry skills. The tasks accomplished in the first year included the framework of the e-learning web site, the instructional designs of the light, and season lessons, pre-training of cooperative teachers in the strategies of inquiry teaching and interface usage of the web site, the validation of inquiry test, and data collection and analysis for building a research baseline. The tasks accomplished in the second year included the instructional designs and teaching of environmental issues with My World GIS. The results of ANCOVA showed that students’ planning skill improved significantly after accomplishing these inquiry-based lessons.
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