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Title: 青少年初期女性之關係攻擊:社會認知因素探討與介入方案施行(II)
Relational Aggression of Girls in Early Adolescence : Social-Cognitive Factors and Intervention Program
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究擬根據第一年的研究結果,編擬設計適用於青少年初期階段之國中女生、針對關係攻擊行為之攻擊者與被害者的介入課程方案,以期能協助具有關係攻擊相關經驗之青少女減少負向社會行為與增加社會能力。此關係攻擊介入方案擬包含的主題有:觀點取替、友善關係、情緒管理、與社交問題解決。本研究採用實驗組與控制組前後測之準實驗設計,共有來自三所國中之24名女生分別組成三個攻擊者的實驗組,另有24名女生組成受害者之實驗組。此介入方案以小團體方式進行,將連續進行十週,每週預計二節課的時間。同時本研究也將對此介入方案的成效進行評估。
This study aims to design a theory-based program to reduce girls’ aggressive behaviors and increase positive interaction among peers. The content of the intervention program for relational aggression (IPRA) will cover the topics of perspective-taking, friendly relationships, emotional management, and social problem-solving. This research program involves experimental and control groups with pre-, post- and delayed comparisons. Twenty-four girls from three junior high schools will be in the experimental groups of aggressors, and another 24 girls will be in the experimental groups of victims of the IPRA. This small group program will be conducted for ten weeks, two sessions per week. This study also attempts to examine the effects of the IPRA.
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