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Title: 新一代職業測驗的研發:整合情境測驗和嚴肅遊戲的取向(I/Ⅲ)
Developing the New-Generation Vocational Aptitude Test---An Approach of Integrating Situational Tests and Serious Games
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2011
Abstract: 職業性向測驗對於職場人員的篩選有重要的功能。但目前多數職業 性向測驗有兩個比較大的問題,影響其應用的效果。一為以紙筆為主, 對於評量真實職場所需能力有所限制。二為多以認知能力或技能的測 量為主,對於職場當中所需的人格或情意特質無法提供有效的參考信 息。本計畫擬改善心理測驗中常用的情境測驗,並將之與目前數位科 技的重要發展領域-嚴肅遊戲,加以整合。透過此兩種領域的整合所研 發的職業性向測驗作法,預期將可以具有充分展現職場脈絡與所需能 力、同時測量情意與能力向度、減少社會期許等特性。本研究以「教 師性向測驗」做為此一職業性向測驗的設計標的,分三年進行:第一 年主要目標在確立測驗向度、設計測驗情境、以及建立評分標準;第 二年主要目標在於將情境測驗數位化、遊戲化,完成系統建置工作; 第三年主要目標則是進行測驗信效度分析研究,並探討應用教師性向 測驗於教育學程甄選方案中之成效。
Occupational Aptitude Tests play significant roles on employing new working force. However, many current available occupational aptitude tests have two main limitations. First of all, most of the tests are written tests which can not effectively evaluate abilities required on practical fields. The second problem is that many occupational aptitude tests focus on assessing cognition or skills and ignore personality or affective characteristics which are also important in determining whether a person is suitable for the job. This project aims to improve situational tests which are often incorporated in psychological exams and combine it with serious games on an e-learning environment. Through integrating these two domains, we anticipate the new generation occupational aptitude test will not only reflect the real situations that would happen on practical working fields, but also evaluate both abilities and affective factors required on different working fields. As a benchmark to occupational aptitude tests, this research project to teacher aptitude exam will be administrated in three years. The goal of the first year will be constructing dimensions of the exam, designing scenarios, and setting up the exam criteria. In the second year, this project will digitalize the contents of the exam and set up the computer system. The major goals of the third year are to conduct validity and reliability analysis as well as to investigate the effectiveness of applying the teacher aptitude exam to teacher education programs.
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