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Title: 閱讀動機量表的修訂和應用
A Report on the Revision of the Motivations for Reacting Questionnaire of the Fifth-to Seventh-Grade Students
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理與輔導學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2003
Publisher: 中國測驗學會
Abstract: 本研究修訂Wigfield等人(Baker & Wigfield, 1999; Wigfield & Guthrie, 1997)所建構之三類十一個因素的閱讀動機量表(the Motivations for Reading Questionnaire, MRQ)。閱讀動機的三類面向爲:「能力及效能信念」、「成就價值及目標」、「社會」。十一個分量表爲:「效能」、「挑戰」、「逃避」、「好奇」、「投入」、「認可」、「競爭」、「重要」、「成績」、「社會」及「須從」。全量表計50題。本研究以台北縣市國小五、六年級與國中一年級學生爲研究對象,共計835名,本研究修訂量表的信、效度攷驗結果顯示:內部一致性Cronbachα係數十一個分量表介於.61~.80,總量表爲.90;斯布十一個分量表介於.64~.79,總量表爲.93;重測信度(N=33)十一個分量表介於.59~.84,總量表爲.91。在量表效度方面,以線性結構關系(Lisrel 8.03版)進行驗證性因素分析,結果發現三類面向及十一個分量表皆和Wigfield(1997)、Baker與Wigfield(1999)的閱讀動機理念的多元構念一致,可驗證其建構效度。在閱讀動機應用結果方面則發現學童的閱讀動機強度會因不同性別、年級和社經地位不同,婦生閱讀動機顯著高於男生,年級愈高閱讀動機僡低,社經地位僡高者其閱讀動機愈咈,而不同城鄉區域學童的閱讀動機則多無顯著的差別。
The purpose of this study was to revise the motivations for reading questionnaire (MRQ) for elementary grade 5 and 6 children and grade 7 of junior high school students, based on Wigfield’s the motivations for reading questionnaire. The MRQ consisted of three subscales, namely: competence and efficacy be1ief achievement values and goals, and social. The whole questionnaire consists of 50 items, and can be administered in 25 to 30 minutes. The 835 students of fifth-grade, sixth-grade and seven-grade were selected as participants for the testing of questionnaire reliability and validity. Results showed that test-retest coefficients for the subscales ranged from .59 to .84, Cronbach alpha coefficients ranged from .61 to .80, and that the validities for MRQ examined by different ways were satisfactory.
ISSN: 1609-4905
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0201_01_008
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