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Title: 健康與體育融合式教學對智能障礙同儕態度之效果分析--以新竹市某國小為例
The Effect of the Inclusion Health and Physical Educational Course upon Peer Attitude toward Mental Retarded Students--Examples from Elementary School in Hsin-chu City�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2008
Publisher: 中華民國學校衛生學會
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討國小學童在實施健康與體育融合式教學前後對智能障礙同儕態度改變之情形。以新竹市某國小四、五、六年級融合班學童男生48名,女生51名共計99名為研究對象。以實驗設計方式實施健康與體育融合式教學,於教學介入前一天進行問卷量表前測,接著實施十週的健康與體育融合式教學「樂樂棒球」課程,於課程結束後隨即進行後測。主要觀察效標變項為「國小學童對智能障礙同儕態度量表」,包含認知、情感、行為傾向三個分量表,資料統計方式以相依樣本t考驗及單因子共變數分析進行處理,並將本研究之統計顯著水準定在α=.05。所得結論如下:一、國小學童對智能障礙同儕的態度,經過健康與體育融合式教學後呈現出正面肯定的表現。二、經過健康與體育融合式教學後,國小男、女學童對智能障礙同儕的態度皆趨向正面的表現,其中女生的態度比男生表現更積極。三、實施健康與體育融合式教學後,各年級的國小學童對智能障礙同儕的整體態度有明顯改變。尤以四年級學童對智能障礙的同儕態度優於六年級學童且達顯著性。
The purposes of this study was to investigate how the inclusion of health and physical educational course affects grade school students’ attitudes toward mental retarded peers .Total of 99 elementary schoolchildren in Hsin-chu city area from fourth to sixth grade were selected to attend the inclusion course. Fourth-eight out of 99 students were boys and 51 students were girls. Pre and post test experimental design was adopted for this study. Subjects were required to engage tee-ball practice during the ten-week the inclusion of health and physical education course. Pre-test was conducted one day before the inception of the course. Post-test was implemented immediately after the end of the course. The primary observed variable was "Grade Schoolchildren's Attitudes toward Mental Retarded Peers" (including cognitive, emotional and behavioral scales). Several statistic techniques, such as t-test, ANCOVA, were used. The significant level of this research was set at α=.05. After analyzing the data, several conclusions were made as follows; 1. It found that the students in the elementary school showed the more positive attitudes toward their mental retarded peers after attending the inclusion of health and physical educational course. 2. After completing the inclusion of health and physical educational course, girls scales better than boys in terms of the overall attitude scales (including the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral scales at a significant level. 3. After attending the inclusion of health and physical educational course, Fourth-grade students performed better than sixth-grade students in the overall attitude scales. The difference was significant at p<0.05.
ISSN: 1561-8137
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