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Title: 水資源保護區之社區永續發展研究─以學校為社區中心推展環境保護和社區發展之永續發展研究(I)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2000
Abstract: 本子計畫的研究目的,在於瞭解雙溪鄉地形、地貌、環境衛生、經濟發展,對於土壤和水資源的影響,同時調查國中小教師和學生對於水資源保護、環境衛生的認知,並配合國中小學現有環保課程內容和雙溪鄉地區環境問題,擬出一套環境價值啟發與社區發展模式,且評估此模式教學效果,作為社區永續發展參考。本計畫分三年進行:第一年為調查時期--參與總計畫辦理環境價值等專題研討會;分析國中小學有關水資源保護、環境衛生課程內容,瞭解國中小教師和學生的環保認知和當地環境問題,並協助學校與社區團體舉辦環保活動,作為第二年進行模式教學的主要參考。第二年為依據第一年調查結果,擬定環境價值啟發與社區發展模式的試驗教學--編製教材、教具、評量表,以便推動模式教學,進行試驗教學及評量。第三年為修正教學模式及教材教具和評量表,並進行正式實驗教學及評量、教學成果展示、印製教學資源手冊。本計畫已完成第一年的預定目標。
The purpose of this sub-project is to understand the topography, environmental health, economic development, and these impact on the soil and water resources in Shuangchi Hsiang. Also, the sub-project is to investigate and incorporate the cognition of water resources & environmental health toward local teachers and students, with current related environmental protection in schools' curriculum, into the teaching model of environmental values inspiration & community development for schools' students. The model is implemented by action research, followed by assessment with questionnaire. The sub-project is hoped to provide the teaching model for sustainable development of community within the areas of water resources reserves. The sub-project has accomplished the planned goals of the first year. The sub-project has accomplished the planned goals of the first year.
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