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Title: 青少年同儕愛滋病防治教育介入效果
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-1999
Publisher: 台北市:台灣性教育學會
Abstract: 本研究的目的在評量青少年同儕愛滋病防治教育介入筱其愛滋病知識、愛滋病態度、愛滋病防治自我效能的增進情形,和將來從事愛滋病防治行為的可能性之增高情形o立意以台北市某私立工商高職之各社圈內,選取出學生4 1位為實驗對卒,並以另一所私立工商高職之學生班級幹部中退出40位為對照鈕,兩組於實驗前均接受前測,教育介入後再接受從淵。所得結果有下列重要發現:在控制母親教育程度及兩組之前測差異後,學生在愛滋病知識及愛滋病防治自我效能得分上的增進,實驗紐顯著高於對照扭,但在愛滋病態度與愛滋病防治行為意向上則是兩組沒有差異。
The purpose of this study is to examine whether adolescents improve their AIDS knowledge, attitude, AIDS prevention behavior intention, AIDS prevention self-efficacy after exploring to an intervention of peer AIDS education program. A private vocational school was decided as the experimental group and 41 students were selected from each school club. Another private vocational school was chosen as the control group and possessed 40 students. Both the experimental group and the control group had pretest before the intervention of peer AIDS education and had posttest after the intervention. Conclusions draw from the findings included: after controlling the pretest differences and group, the experimental group displayed higher scores on AIDS knowledge and AIDS prevention self-efficacy. The AIDS attitude and AIDS prevention behavior intention scores of two groups were not significantly different.
ISSN: 1608-5787
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0601_01_017
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