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dc.description.abstract因應時代迅速變遷,我國政府與關心教育人士於二十世紀末開始推動九年一貫課程改革,先於1998 年公布國民教育階段「九年一貫課程總綱綱要」,再於2000 年公布「國民中小學九年一貫課程暫行綱要」,復於2003 年公布實施「國民中小學九年一貫課程綱要」。92課綱實施數年後,教育部根據社會各界及教育現場的反應,於2008 年又修正公布「97 年國民中小學課程綱要」,並自100 學年度起逐年實施。九年一貫藝術與人文課程政策隨著九年一貫課程變革而生,對台灣本世紀藝術教育影響深遠。重要課程政策作為教育核心,向上影響師資培育機制,向下影響教師課程意識與學生學習經驗,動見觀瞻。鑒於藝術與人文課程政策實施以來產生許多討論,為了解其課程政策歷來的形塑過程及引發議題,乃規劃「九年一貫藝術與人文課程政策形塑脈絡與實施議題之分析」多年期研究計劃。本研究將以兩年為研究期程,第一年探討九年一貫藝術與人文課程政策的形塑過程與衍生議題,第二年分析藝文教科書在課程政策轉變脈絡下的編審機制與衍生議題,期望本研究之實施能對未來中小學藝術課程政策的修訂與實施有所助益,進而落實教育研究、政策與實務三者銜繫的使命。zh_tw
dc.description.abstractIn order to accommodate the changing era, the government of Taiwan issued ’Grade 1-9 Curriculum Guidelines’ in 1998. Then the government issued the ’Temporary Grade 1-9 Curriculum Guidelines’ in 2000 and the formal one in 2003. However,because some controversial debates, the government remodified the guidelines and reissued it in 2008. The Arts and Humanities Curriculum Guidelines was issued along with Grade 1-9 Curriculum Guidelines. Compared to the ex ’Arts CurriculumGuidelines,’ the present one has been revised quite an amount. Consequently, the new curriculum guidelines have resulted in many debates. The changes of teaching subject and curriculum structure were the reasons for the debates. The goal of this study is to survey the formation and shaping toward the policies of The Arts and Humanities Curriculum Guidelines. In doing so, this study will conduct a two-years research design. During the coming two years, this study will try to clarify the formation ofthe policy, the publication of textbooks. It is hope that the results of this research could offer suggestions for policy makers,textbook writers, Arts and Humanities teachers in Taiwan.en_US
dc.subject.otherArts and Humanities Learning Areaen_US
dc.subject.otherArts and Humanities Textbooksen_US
dc.subject.otherCurriculum Policyen_US
dc.titleContextual Analysis of Issues in Curriculum Policy Formation and Implementation: a Study on Arts and Humanities Curriculum Guidelinesen_US
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