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Title: 地方教育治理制度研究
Research on the System of Local Educational Governance
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2008
Abstract: 本兩年期研究計畫乃延續研究者過去對地方權力與教育治理關係之探究,進一步選定六個國家探究不同類型地方教育治理模式,檢討我國現行地方教育治理模式的問題,並針對我國地方教育治理制度設計提出改進建議。主要的研究目的包括(1)瞭解我國地方教育治理制度的現況與問題;(2)分析我國地方教育治理制度民主權與專業權的運作現況與管道;(3)整理歸納主要國家地方教育治理之模式與利弊得失:(4)提供建構或修正我國地方教育治理制度的規劃。 因為本研究的主要目的之一是瞭解地方教育治理模式的可能性,所以擬利用兩年進行六個國家(臺灣、美國、英國、澳大利亞、芬蘭、中國大陸)的比較研究,其中美國與臺灣研究者已有一定的瞭解。兩年研究將專注在這些國家的地方教育治理制度比較與分析,以減少研究的困難性。比較研究資料搜集的方式包括文件分析、文獻分析、移地研究。為了瞭解及修正我國地方教育治理制度,亦將透過問卷調查、焦點團體訪談與得懷術調查以達成目的。 本研究對於地方教育治理制度的理論化,特別是地方政府與其他各級單位的關係、教育民主與專業之間的關係將有重要的貢獻。對於我國現行地方教育治理狀況的瞭解與改進也會有具理論與研究基礎的啟示。
This proposal continues the applicant』s past research on the relationship between community power structure and educational governance. Six countries (U.S.A., U.K. Australia, Mainland China, Finland, Taiwan) are selected to examine their local governance structure in education with the hope of illustrating various patterns of local educational governance, analyze their impact on education, and reflect on current local governance structure in education. The research questions to be addressed include: (1) investigate current local governing structure in education in Taiwan; (2) analyze how democracy and bureaucracy operate at the local level of education; (3) synthesize major models of local educational governance as well as comparing their strengths and weaknesses; (4) provide suggestions for reforming current models of local educational governance in Taiwan. To address these research questions, the researcher will spend two years to explore possible models of local educational governance around the world. The countries selected for comparative study include Taiwan, U.S.A., U.K., Australia, Finland, and Mainland China. Models of local educational governance will be the primary focus of comparison. Themethods used to collect data include literature review, document review, and field study. To understand current conditions of local educational governance in Taiwan and provide concrete suggestions for improving it, survey of school principals, city councilors, educational administrators will be conducted. In addition, focus-group interviews and Delphi technique will be applied to gather experts』 opinions about reforming current model of local educational governance in Taiwan. The research can contribute to the theorization of local educational governance and help understand the relationship among different levels of educational agencies. It can provide opportunities for appraising the relationship between educational democracy and bureaucracy. As to the improvement of current condition of local educational governance, this study can offer suggestions based on theoretical and empirical evidences.
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