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Title: 情緒教育的哲學探究
A philosophical investigation into the education of emotion
Other Titles: 迷思、重要性與建議
myths, significance, and suggestions
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2010
Publisher: 教育研究集刊 
Abstract: 人類能夠感受而具有情緒,這是不可否認的事實,假使缺乏了這項屬性,會令人質疑是否是活的生命。不過,情緒有必要加以適當培育才能發展良好,方能有助於個人擁有幸福人生與良序及美好的社會。是以本文以情緒教育為探究焦點,全文共分為三大部分:第一、釐清情緒教育的迷思;第二、論述情緒教育的重要性;第三、針對情緒教育的實踐提出若干建議。以最後一部分的建議來說,其中包括教學之中兼顧親身體驗與概念形成,培養適當抒發與表達的習慣、陶冶良善的感受態度與敏銳的感受性、提升師長的情緒素養與營造學校的教育氛圍,以及注意家庭生活及社會文化對情緒教育的作用。
The undeniable fact that human beings are able to feel and have emotions could be regarded as the crucial embodiment of a living life. However, in order to obtain both individual person's well-being and a well-ordered and harmonious society, human emotions are in need of adequate cultivation. Therefore, the education of emotion is chosen as the topic of this study. This paper is divided into three parts: to begin with, the myths regarding the education of emotion are clarified in the first section of this paper; then, the significance of human emotions is expounded; finally, some suggestions concerning the education of emotion are put forward as the conclusion of this study. The suggestions put forward are as follows: to pay equal attentions to firsthand experiences and the formation of concepts in teaching; to bring about adequate habit of expressing and displaying feelings; to cultivate virtuous attitude and sensibility to feelings; to promote emotional literacy of teachers and build the pedagogical atmosphere of schools; to show concern for the impact of family life and society's ethos on the education of emotion.
ISSN: 1028-8708
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0113_01_006
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