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Title: 國小教師數學教學信念及其相關因素之探討
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jan-1999
Publisher: 中華民國課程與教學學會
Abstract: 當前國小數學新課程的精神係植基於建構論的觀點。在課程革新的轉變中,教師 對新舊課程背後所隱含之教學理念的認知,為落實新課程實踐的關鍵。本研究主要的目的即 在探討國小教學之數學教學信念的實況。 研究者藉由討論相關文獻比較建構教學觀與傳統教學觀的主要差異,據以編製問卷,對雲嘉 三縣113所國小1000名教師進行調查,以反映教師在數學科教學信念之偏向,並進一步分析 不同背景教師在數學教學信念上的差異,以及與其他教學因素之相關。 調查結果顯示,整體上,當前國小教師的數學教學信念普遍偏向建構論的觀點。除性別外, 國小教師的數學教學信念並未因年紀、年齡、學校地區與參與研習經驗的不同而有顯著差異。 數學教學信念的內涵反映出「教師角色與任務」、「數學知識的溝通」、「學生學習的條件 」等三個相互關聯的因素。其中不同性別、年齡、任教年級、參加研習經驗的教師,在個別 信念因素上的反應上有顯著差異。最後,國小教師之數學教學信念越偏向建構教學觀,在數學 教學之佈題越開放,越有應用不同教學理念的意願,同時也越常使用小組討論引導學生學習 數學。
Facing the enactment of new elementary math curriculum that is based on constructivist perspectives, teachers' beliefs about teaching mathematics play an important role in the implementation of new math curriculum. The purpose of this study was to investigate elemenatary teachers' beliefs about teaching mathematics through a questionnaire survey among 1000 teachers from 113 elementary schools in Chiayi-Yurnlin area. The results show that most elementary school teachers' beliefs about mathematics teaching tend to reflect constructivist points of view. In general, differences of grade, age, school location, or workshop experience, but not gender, make no significant differences on teachers' beliefs about mathematics teaching. It shows that there are three interrelated factors of teachers' beliefs of teaching mathematics. They are "teachers' role and teaching task," "communication of math knowledge", and "students' learning conditions". In terms of individual attributes of beliefs, there are significant differences among different gender, age, grade, and experience of attending workshops. When a teacher's belief of mathematical teaching is more tending toward the constructivist view of teaching, in practice, this teacher prefers to pose more open-ended problems, is more willing to apply different teaching approaches, and uses group discussion to assist students learning mathematics more often.
ISSN: 1560-1277
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0110_01_001
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