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Title: 臺灣1994至2003年教育改革對高職經營之衝擊
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2010
Publisher:  國立教育資料館
Abstract: 本文旨在探索從1994到2003年之台灣教育改革理念或政策對高職經營的衝擊,以瞭解高職教育持續發展的動力,並建置學校經營的有效策略。台灣教育改革以多元化、人本化、民主化為方向,但就高職經營而言,教育改革的理念與政策相對脆弱,對其經營上的衝擊也較為嚴峻,然而探討教育改革對於高職經營衝擊之因應策略將有助於建置高職持續發展之途徑。據此,本研究採用問卷調查法,並以多階段分層隨機方式取樣,選擇1,180位學校成員為樣本,有效回收問卷為760份,回收率為64.4%,並統計平均數與百分比,繼而分析與討論研究結果。本文發現:教育改革政策對高職經營之衝擊內容包括行銷無力、資源不足、專業無能、課程貧瘠等,且對兩條生涯進路的理念衝擊最大,因此,本文建議,高職應強化資源爭取的效力、運用多重策略行銷學校、並促進教師學校本位之專業成長及學生中心的課程設計
The study is to explore the strategies of vocational high schools in order to facilitate continuous improvement in responding the challenges for educational reforms during 1994-2003 in Taiwan. Because the ideas and policies of educational reforms have produced challenges for vocational high schools, such as the value of diversity, democracy, and humanities, the exploration of strategies in responding the challenges of educational reforms is crucial in order to examine the efficacy of policies. In addition, the study involves in the inquiry of school improvement for educational reforms because of the vulnerability of vocational high schools and their large challenges. In order to complete the purpose, the study adopts multi-staged random sampling and exercise the research through the investigation of collected questionnaires. As a result, the study investigates 1,180 school members and the effective questionnaires are 760. The effective ratio of questionnaires is 64.4%. Then the study exercises statistical test by means and frequency. Through the analyses and discussions of research results, the study finds: (1)the challenge is derived from the idea of two approaches of students' career development; (2)the challenges include powerless marketing, scared resources, professional deficit, and curricula poverty; (3)response to the challenges include acquiring funding and expertise resources, facilitating a variety of school marketing strategies, cultivating school-based professional growth, and design student-centered curriculum.
ISSN: 1024-3058
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