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Title: 德國「認證、授證與品質保證協會」組織結構與功能運作之分析
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Issue Date: 1-May-2009
Publisher: 中華民國比較教育學會
Abstract: 本文旨在透過深度訪談與檔案文件分析,探討德國「認證、授證與品質保證協會」的組織結構與功能運作。 該會係已通過「德國學程認證基金會」之認證,而可以執行實地評鑑大學,予以認證的執行機構之一。 組織、經費、人員完全獨立,會員大會主要雖由各大學組成,但只能選舉理事會與認證委員會成員, 無法直接參與認證。專業委員會推薦評鑑專家小組並審議其評鑑報告,做成意見書送交認證委員會, 以為認證與否審議之依據。大學可依品質圈的概念,依照自訂目標、形成理念、執行理念及目標檢核等各項指標 提出自評報告,以供檢核。認證的結果,並有法律效果。最後,本文並歸納該協會具有屬非營利組織、 認證過程獨立、運作獨立自主、公平透明、專業自主、分工明確等六項特色,據此結論擬具五項建議, 以為改進我國大學評鑑制度之參考。
Through in-depth interview and documentary analysis, this paper attempts to analyze the organizational structure and function of the “kkreditierungs-, Certifizierungs- und Qualitatssicherungs-Instituts, ACQUIN e. V.”in Germany. ACQUIN e. V. is one of the accredited agencies authorized by “tiftung zur Akkreditierung von Studiengagen”to carry out university program or system evaluation/accreditation. It is an independent and nonprofit professional agency. The General Assembly, composed mainly of representatives of member universities, has its main duties to elect the members of Board and Accreditation Commission. The evaluation and on-site visit are carried out by Expert Group, appointed by Accreditation Commission through the recommendation of the related Professional Committee. The related Professional Committee reviews the evaluation report of Expert Group and proposes Accreditation Recommendation to Accreditation Commission for the final decision. The final decision of Accreditation Commission in ACQUIN e. V. has legal effects upon the under accreditation university in accordance with the resolutions of the agency, the Stiftung and the KMK, as well as the regulations of Higher Education Act in related states. Finally, this paper is concluded with a description of characteristics of the ACQUIN e. V. and recommendations for the betterment of Higher Education Evaluation System in Taiwan.
ISSN: 1609-5758
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