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Title: 心中有道,經營有術
Issue Date: Dec-1999
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract:      本文是從理念層次,來探討班級經營之道,以開掘班級經營的源頭活水。筆者認為,班級經營的意義是「生」,教師的功德是「生」出學生的心智慧命與精神;另一方面,通過學生的薪火相傳,教師的智慧與精神也不斷的「重生」,所以筆者以「生生不息」的觀點,來詮釋班級經營的意義。其次,本文以老莊哲學的「觀」,作為班級經營的方法。「觀」能讓教師消解內心的執著與偏見,通過虛靜之心,給出廣大的空間與氣度,來包容學生的無知與過錯。「觀」不只用肉眼看,速要用「道眼」看穿學生的內心世界,在精神層次與學生的心靈交會。最後,筆者以「笑」作為班級經營的評鑑指標,這項指標既具體又真實。只有師生雙方都能展現真情的笑容,班級經營才算圓滿成功。
     Classrooms are complex settings containing a yariety of processes and events. The problems of classroom management have been frequently documented. It seems that more and more teachers are troubled about classroom management. Using the method ofcreative interpretation, this paper based on three concepts aims to explore some ideas concerning classroom management. These concepts are "birth", "the way of looking" and "smiling". The author regards the meaning of classroom management as to give birth students' soul and wisdom. Different ways of looking at students may cause different reaction from the students. If students and teachers feel happy in the classroom, thismay indicate that the classroom management is successful.
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