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Titel: 全球憲政主義與典範形塑:司法審查導向的台灣人權典範及其挑戰與機遇
Global Constitutionalism and Paradigmatic Modeling- the Human Rights Paradigm Forged by Judicial Review in Taiwan and Its Challenges and Opportunities
Autoren: 國立臺灣師範大學政治學研究所
Erscheinungsdatum: 2012
Zusammenfassung: 我們生活在全球化的時代,也生活在人權的時代。隨著全球憲政主義之發展,「全球人權典範」在全球化過程中已日益成型,並對「台灣人權典範」造成一定的影響。台灣在全球化的巨流裡,無論為了保障人民生活或促進國家的整體發展,都必須認真對待人權。 本研究計畫首先借用Thomas Kuhn的典範概念,將「人權典範」定義為「某一特定時期,參與共同社會生活的某一人類社群所共同接受的人權基本觀點和保障機制。」其次,探究「全球人權典範」的哲學基礎、形塑過程、基本內涵(包括人權基本觀點與人權保障機制),作為本計畫後續研究的基礎。再者,以大法官的人權解釋為基礎,分析與歸納「台灣人權典範」之形塑與內涵。接著分析「台灣人權典範」面對「全球人權典範」時所遭遇之挑戰,並探詢其政策意涵。最後,提出具體的人權發展政策建議。
We are living in an age of globalization and human rights. The global paradigm of human rights, which is embedded on the development of global constitutionalism, looms large in the process of globalization, and, to some extent, Taiwan has been influenced by the very paradigm. As the trend of globalization prevails, Taiwan must take the human rights seriously and thus we are able to promote people’s daily life as well as facilitate the national overall development. This program will proceed in the following steps. First, it defines the paradigm of human rights as “the basic concepts and the protective mechanism of human rights which are shared or accepted by those who living together in a human community during a given period of time.” Second, this program tries to delve the global paradigm of human rights, including its rationale, shaping process, and content, in order to lay the foundation of the following study. Third, this program will probe into the Taiwan paradigm of human rights by means of analyzing the human rights interpretations handed out by the Grand Justices. Then, it will find out the gap between the global paradigm of human rights and Taiwan paradigm of human rights, and the policy implications the gap entails. Finally, this program will conclude by rendering some feasible suggestions.
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