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Title: 能源國家型人才培育自由導向整合型計畫---觀光旅遊之節能減碳教育研究及推廣(I)
Research and Education of Energy Saving and Co2 Reduction on Tourism
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學機電工程學系
Issue Date: 30-Apr-2010
Abstract: 隨著生活水準的提昇,觀光旅遊已成為國人生活項目之一,但現代人把都會生活條件的要求延伸到各旅遊地,反而形成另一種高碳耗能的活動。在目前節能減碳思維下,低碳旅遊模式的倡議與相關研究即顯得格外重要。本計畫首先進行基礎的科技研究與資訊統整,考量旅遊行程中的每個環節,包含行程安排、運具選擇、交通工具、住宿設施等,分別探討其可能導入節能減碳之環節,針對國人旅遊選擇決策行為、旅遊活動之能源消耗與碳排放等進行深入探究。同時透過專業的資訊平台呈現,進行數位化教育宣導。目前本年度所達成之績效成果共為九項,分別為資訊平台建置、國人低碳旅遊認知調查、旅遊碳足跡計算機開發、旅遊運具選擇與使用調查、民宿能源使用檢核表開發、民宿能源態度與認知問卷開發、車輛駕駛體驗教具開發、住宿空間節能教具開發、車輛駕駛行為能源態度與認知問卷開發等項目。期望為國內觀光旅遊的節能減碳領域建置完整的宣導模式,並透過生活化的方式灌輸旅遊民眾與觀光產業經營者正確的能源使用觀念與確實可行之節能方法,進而影響旅遊選擇決策以達到實質節能減碳的目標。
With the enhancement of living standard, tourism and travel has already become a part of life among our nationals. However, when people nowadays extend their terms and conditions of urban life to each of the resort areas they have, on the contrary, contributed to events of high energy consumption of the other kind. Under present mindset of energy conservation and carbon reduction, the proposal for low-carbon travel model and related studies has then become ever more important. The project will, first of all, conduct fundamental technological research and information integration to consider every node and link within the process of travel, including itinerary arrangement, choice of transportation carrier, transportation means, and accommodation facilities so as to respectively investigate the link that might have introduced the idea of carbon reduction. Then, in-depth exploration is carried out in view of the decision making behavior among our nationals for travel choice, and energy consumption and reduction on traveling event. Furthermore, professional information platform is then employed for demonstration to conduct digital education and publicity. At present, the performance results achieved this year can be found in 9 categories, which are found as the installation of information platform, cognition investigation of low-carbon travel among nationals, calculator development on carbon footprint of travel, choice and use investigation of transportation means for travel, check-list table development for energy consumption by hostel, questionnaire development on attitude and cognition for hostel energy, development of instructional tool for driving experience, development of instructional tool on energy conservation of accommodation space, and development of energy attitude and cognition on driving behavior an others. It is hoped that exploitation of measures practiced in daily can help to inculcate general public and operators of tourism industry with accurate the concept for the utilization of energy and feasible ways of energy conservation in reality, thus affecting the decision making of travel and achieving the substantial objective of energy conservation and carbon reduction.
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