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Title: 線上遊戲之虛擬社會互動與社會需求探討
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖文傳播學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2007
Publisher: 私立親民工商專科學校
Abstract: 由於網際網路的蓬勃發展,人們的生活方式也隨之改變。尤其是透過網路活動而產生的人際互動關係更是頻繁,其中線上遊戲所建構的互動環境與電子郵件或及時通訊軟體等的互動模式又不相同,為了進一步瞭解線上遊戲中的虛擬社會以及存在其中的互動關係和社會需求,本文透過內容分析和焦點團體座談的方式,針對線上遊戲中的互動環境以及玩家在遊戲中的社會需求來進行分析。研究結果發現線上遊戲提供的互動環境相當多元化,而且隨著遊戲製作技術的進步,也越來越趨近於現實生活;而線上遊戲也能夠滿足玩家在許多層次上的社會需求。此外,由於參與線上遊戲的人數越來越多,在此虛擬社會中所發生的問題也層出不窮。本研究對於如何改善這些亂象提出了一些建議,也希望藉由不同的觀點和想法能激起社會大眾對這些現象的關心和重視。
Due to the flourishing development of the internet network, people have changed their lifestyle on interacting with each other more frequently through the online activities. The on-line game is different from other interactive activities such as E-mail or MSN. The study adopts the qualitative research methods on two aspect, as the following: We analyzed the virtual interactive environment constructed in the on-line game through content analysis, and then analyzed the social needs among the on-line game players through focus group interviews. The study has the following conclusions: The on-line game has offered the interactive function in pluralism way, and the virtual society constructed in the on-line game truly satisfied some aspects of social needs of the players. On the other hand, there are more and more people participating in on-line games, the problems that caused by the virtual interactive relation emerges in an endless stream. The paper has proposed some suggestion about how to improve this kind of messy, and hopes for evoking the society to pay attention and take care of this phenomenon by different concepts and thoughts.
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