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Title: 大學校院實施教師傳習制度的現況與問題
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系;國立聯合大學
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2010
Publisher: 臺灣高等教育學會
Abstract: 大學教師(尤其是甫獲博士學位而應聘為助理教授者)在缺乏教 學、班級經營、學生輔導及撰寫研究計畫等經驗下,常會影響學生的受 教權益,也難以發揮學術專長。近來,國內許多大學校院透過傳習制 度,借重資深教師提供經驗、支持與協助,以使新進教師能儘速適應大 學環境,也因此,愈來愈多的大學校院制訂有關教師傳習制度的辦法。 鑑於大學校院教師傳習制度尚在起步階段,有關辦法的涵蓋範圍、 傳授者與學習者的界定、運作方式及激勵措施等,均有待檢討與探究。 本研究以國內各大學校院所建立的傳習制度辦法為研究內容,透過文件 分析了解其制訂現況與運作情形,結果發現,大部分傳習制度實施初衷 在因應國家高等教育方案如教學卓越計畫、頂尖大學及研究中心計畫 等,期望藉由制度的實施提升教師教學與研究素質,但當前辦法的內容 著重在各種形式活動的舉行及經費的補助,對於教師專業的實質發展或 後續檢討規劃尚有很大的改善空間。
The university faculty, in particular those who newly receive a doctorate and become an assistant professor, in lack of experiences of teaching, classroom management, student guidance and research proposal writing, etc., often make negative influences on their students and feel difficult to apply their expertise.Recently, many colleges and universities have conducted a mentor-mentee program of involving experienced faculty to provide new faculty with consulting and assistance in solving the above problems. Given that mentor-mentee programs conducted in Taiwan’s colleges and universities are still in their very beginning stages of development. There are many aspects such as scopes of program regulations, definitions of participant, operation means, and motivation measures, are necessary to be reviewed and investigated. This study aimed to analyze the status and problems of current mentor-mentee programs in Taiwan’s colleges and universities by means of document analysis. It was found that that most programs were initially driven by central government projects such as the projects for university’s teaching excellence as well as top universities and research centers. Those programs have been expected to enhance the faculty’s quality of teaching and research. However, most program regulations focus on activity holding as well as grant or subsidy. More efforts should be made to substantially promote faculty’s professional development, further review and necessary revision of regulations themselves.
ISSN: 1992-5476
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_E0202_01_155
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