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Titel: 以網路模糊德懷術與模糊層級分析法發展數位化學習歷程檔案之知識管理行為量表
Autoren: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系
Erscheinungsdatum: 1-Sep-2012
Herausgeber: 淡江大學資訊與圖書館學系
Zusammenfassung: 本研究以網路模糊德懷術及模糊層級分析法,發展大學生數位化學習歷程檔案之知識管理行為量表。經過專家意見得出,量表構面包含知識分享、知識創新、知識取得、知識應用、知識累積。題項由數位化學習歷程檔案之活動構成,包括反思、作品修正、作品自評、學習內容的整理、教師回饋、觀摩、溝通與討論。量表各構面和題項皆有其權重值與排序,且皆通過信、效度檢測。在各題項中,反思的整體權重值最高,其次為作品修正,顯示反思對知識管理最重要。量表可作為實施數位化學習歷程檔案之後,用來衡量知識管理行為的工具。
This study developed a knowledge management behavior scale of e-portfolio for university students based on the approaches of Web-based fuzzy Delphi and fuzzy AHP. According to the experts opinions, the constructs of the scale included knowledge sharing, innovation, acquisition, application, and accumulation. The items in each construct consisted of the activities of e-portfolio implementation, which were reflection, assignment improvement, self-evaluation, organization of learning contents, teacher feedback, review and learning, and communication and discussion. All the constructs and items had weights and ranks and were by acceptable reliability and validity. Among all the items, the overall weight of reflection was highest, while following was assignment improvement. It applied that reflection had a highest effect on knowledge management. Therefore, the scale can be used as a knowledge management performance measurement tool for e-portfolio implementation.
ISSN: 1013-090X
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