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dc.contributor.authorWu, Cheng-Chihen_US
dc.contributor.authorLai, Chin-Yuanen_US
dc.contributor.authorLee, Greg C.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis study investigated the communication styles of five mentors in telementoring a class of 33 preservice teachers. Electronic forum was the instrument of communications between the mentors and the students. Data collected in an 8-week period resulted in 52 mentors initiated discussion threads and 43 follow-up posts. Analysis of these posts revealed four discussion threads initiating styles and six follow-up posting styles.en_US
dc.publisherThe Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)en_US
dc.relationCommunication Styles of Mentoring in an Electronic Forum. In C. Montgomerie & J. Viteli (Eds.), Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2001 (pp. 2077-2082).en_US
dc.titleCommunication Styles of Mentoring in an Electronic Forumen_US
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