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Title: 國中地理科教師資訊融入教學之個案研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 8-Jun-2001
Abstract: 本研究以一位國中地理教師為個案,藉由協助其實施資訊融入教學的過程中,探究其對電腦融入教學的態度、電腦知能、及教學方式等的成長和轉變。研究結果發現:現行國中基礎軟硬體設備對資訊融入教學的實施仍屬不便;教師經過兩次教材製作及教學嘗試後,對資訊融入教學的態度已由疑慮增進為較有自信;教材製作時教師們的集思廣益或互相觀摩,及電腦技術人員的協助等因素,有助於實施的成功。此外,雖然教師仍以傳統講述方式進行教學,但已漸能調整教材內容,採用較活潑的多媒體教材增進學生興趣。
Integrating technology into teaching/learning process is one of the focuses in Taiwan’s on-going educational reform. This study investigated how a secondary geography teacher acquired needed computer skills, adjusted her pedagogical practice, and changed her attitude toward using technology in classroom. The teacher first attended computer training sessions and discussed ways of computer integration with colleagues and researchers, then she was asked to develop computer-integrated materials and used the materials in classroom-teaching. By going through this procedure, it was found that the teacher’s computer skills were significantly improved. She had also become more confident in technology integration and was more willing to use technology in instruction. Although the teacher’s classroom presentation became livelier, her teaching styles remained unchanged throughout the study. It was also found that the school setting was not conducive to effective implementation of technology integration.
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