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Titel: 數位典藏與數位學習國家型科技計畫---語文數位教學計畫
Promoting e-Teaching and e-Learning on Language Project
Autoren: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Chang, Kuo En
Hsin, Shih-Chang
Ko, Hwa-Wei
Yang, Jie-Chi
Erscheinungsdatum: 24-Mai-2010
Zusammenfassung: 隨著中國大陸商機崛起,華語文近年迅速竄紅。全球華語文學習已蔚為風潮,據統計,全球華語人口超過十三億,學習華語人數也伴隨著大陸市場成長而與日俱增,粗估已超過三千萬人正在學習華語,目前約有100個國家,超過2,500所大學設有華語課程。因應全球華語文學習的熱潮,許多高級中學開設華語課程,目前美國已將華語列為大學進階先修的AP課程,華語學習者年齡正降低中,師資與教材市場需求因勢激增。面對龐大華語市場,中國大陸政府強力在全球各地推銷教材與師資,同時,也積極吸引外籍大學生到中國學習華語以及各種學科,透過國家之力量,免費提供教材與師資,在全球已佈建超過150個孔子學院,舉行漢語水平考試,企圖建立華語文發展主導權。因此,為促使臺灣成為華語文學習之重鎮,針對中國大陸對華語文學習的政策與現況,臺灣必須建立與之具差異性的華語文學習模式、工具、教材等,方能找出臺灣發展華語文教學之優勢。由現況分析,臺灣有著資通訊產業的優勢,加上推動數位典藏與數位學習國家型科技計畫建立的基礎,利用數位科技進行創新應用,向全球輸出華語文學習解決方案,將能建立一個行銷全球市場的教育科技產業,尤其隨著華語文的內容、平台、服務在世界擴散,臺灣將會有機會成為華語文的全球資源運籌中心。為創意推廣國家數位典藏與數位學習之應用,促進我國、人文、社會、產業與經濟的發展,進而將臺灣經驗呈現於國際社會,以拓展臺灣國際舞台空間並永續經營國家重要文化資產,及發展數位學習產業及在教育上的應用。本分項計畫以發展語文數位教學為重點,期以奠定華語文數位教學的國際地位,傳播臺灣價值。
As there are more and more business opportunities in the rising Mainland China, the number of people learning the Chinese language has been increasing rapidly in recent years. Seeing such a huge Chinese learning market, the government of Mainland China has been vigorously marketing teachers and textbooks to various places throughout the world. At the same time, the government has been actively attracting foreign students to China to study Chinese and various other disciplines. The government has been actively building a strong brand in Chinese language teaching with the country‘s strengths and resources. Therefore, in order to change Taiwan into an important stronghold of Chinese language learning, Taiwan must establish differentiate educational models, tools, textbooks in response to Mainland China‘s policy and situation of Chinese language teaching, so as to find out its advantages in the field. Currently, Taiwan has advantages in IT and Communication industries, which lays down a solid foundation for its e-Learning & Digital Archives Program. Through the innovative application of digital technology, it can export Chinese language teaching solutions to the world, and establish its educational technology industry that can be marketed to the global market. In particular, with the expansion of the contents, platform, and service of Chinese language, Taiwan will have an opportunity to become a strategic center for the allocation of global resources of the Chinese language. In order to innovatively promote the application of Taiwan e-Learning & Digital Archives Program and the development of humanity, society, and industry of our country, and to present the Taiwan experience before international societies, so as to expand the international stage for Taiwan, ensure sustainable operation of the country‘s important cultural heritage, and develop the application of the e-learning industry in education, Ministry of Education, Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry Of Economic Affairs, Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, National Science Council, and Council for Hakka Affairs had developed encouragement policies in 2008 in light of the vision of the 2nd Phase of the E-learning for the Chinese Language Project. National Palace Museum will also join this project in 2009, which will certainly consolidate the international standing of Taiwan in digital teaching of the Chinese language and spread Taiwan values effectively.
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