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Title: 數位學習教材之品質認證標準的建立及其信度分析
Establishing Certification Standards for e-Learning Courseware Quality and Analyzing its Reliabilities and Applications
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Yao-Ting Sung
Kuo-En Chang
Hui-Lan Lin
Yi-Fen Lee
Ming-Puu Chen
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2009
Abstract: 對數位學習的品質進行認證已是先進國家的趨勢。本研究介紹國內數位學習品質認證中心的數位教材品質認證制度的作法,並以實徵的方式探討認證工具的信度,以及參與認證的數位教材製作廠商在製作數位教材時所遭遇的困難。本研究以67件參與認證的數位教材研究為資料來源,透過通過率和鑑別力分析,發現多數數位教材品質檢核表有良好的鑑別力。而透過推論力分析發現,數位品質認證的檢核工具有可接受的信度。而數位學習設計廠商在與教學評量、學習策略,以及將教學方法、教學評量和教學目標相搭配等設計面向上遭遇的困難較多。
Conducting certification to e-learning quality has been an international trend. This study introduces the methods of e-learning courseware quality certification adopted by eLearning Quality Certification Center in Taiwan. In addition, an imperial study was implemented to investigate the reliabilities of the certification tools. Difficulties facing by elearning producers and benefits of implementing certification will also be discussed in this paper. In this study, 67 e-learning courseware evaluated by e-Learning Courseware Quality Checklist (eLCQC) were the participants. Based on an analysis of item difficulty and discrimination, the results show that the eLCQC overall has good item discriminations. An analysis of generalizability also indicates that the eLCQC has a fair reliability. In terms of elearning courseware designs, e-learning courseware producers often face difficulties on designing teaching methods, assessments, and learning strategies to be incorporated to instructional goals of the courseware.
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