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Title: 女性單親家長的生活處境與學習需求
Single Mothers' Life Situations and Their Learning Needs
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2004
Publisher: 中華民國成人教育學會等
Abstract: 本研究採質化研究的方法,以焦點團體和深度訪談二十二位單親媽媽和二十九位單親工作者。旨在探討女性單親家長的生活處境與其學習需求。從訪談結果發現,女性單親在經濟、家庭、社會和個人層面上處於弱勢。因此需強化其經濟就業能力、親職能力、人際交往能力、對法律的認識與自我潛能的開發。 由於女性單親家長的特殊生活處境,其學習與活動方案宜注意:以女性的經驗為中心、降低活動參與的時間與經濟成本、協助建立學習與支持網絡、附設兒童照顧與心理、學業輔導,且所有的學習資訊宜公開容易取得。最後本研究並對公私立單親機構提出女性單親學習方案規劃的建議。
This article examines the life situations of female-headed households and their learning needs. Data for this study were drawn from focus groups and in-depth interviews. Twenty-two single mothers and 29 workers working at social welfare agencies were interviewed. Major findings of this study are summarized as follow: 1. Single mothers are disadvantageous in their income and employment, relationship with relative and friends, social prejudice and discrimination, and depressed emotion and self-distrust. 2. Single mothers need to reinforce their ability about employment and finance, parenthood, sociality, knowledge of laws and rules, and self-fulfillment. 3. To lessen the barriers to learn, the programs for single mothers must be women-centered, flexible time and low expense, building the network between mothers and schools, having services such as child care and faculty advisors assisted them with academic and life problems, and easy access of learning information. The article concludes with the recommendations for policies and service organizations to enhance single mothers' competence.
ISSN: 1818-8001
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0509_01_013
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