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dc.description.abstract本計畫旨在探討青少年媒體暴露與網路使用對青少年健康之影響,並發展健康媒體 素養與網路安全教育等課程,進行教育介入與成效之評價,期增進青少年之媒體批判 性思考、網路使用安全行為與健康生活型態。本研究為期二年,分述如下: 第一年計畫,著重「文獻分析」、「需求評估」與「教材研發」,包括:(1)文獻分 析:收集美國、英國等國家媒體素養與網路安全之相關課程教材。(2)需求評估:抽 樣調查台北縣市2000 名高中職一年級學生,瞭解學生的媒體暴露、網路使用、媒體/ 網路素養與身心健康情形,並進行學生、教師、家長焦點團體各一場,以瞭解所需教 育資源。(3)教材研發:依文獻分析及需求評估的結果,研發高中階段青少年健康媒 體/網路素養教育教材及教師/家長資源手冊等。 第二年計畫,著重「追蹤調查」、「課程執行」與「成效評價」,包括:(1)追蹤調 查:追蹤2000 名高中職學生,瞭解其媒體暴露、網路使用、媒體網路素養與身心健康 改變情形。(2)課程執行:以準實驗設計,選擇高中職中學生實驗組與對照組各200 名,進行實驗組高中職學生健康議題媒體素養與網路安全教育介入。(3)成效評價: 評價媒體/網路素養教育介入對青少年媒體/網路素養與健康行為之影響。zh_tw
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this study is to examine the impact of media exposure and internet use on youth health. Youth health promotion media/ online literacy education program will be developed to promote youth critical thinking, internet safety use and health promoting behaviors. The effectiveness of the youth media/ online literacy education intervention will be evaluated. This study is a 2-year project. In the first year (assessment & development phase), youth media/ online literacy education curricula developed in the United States, United Kingdom and other countries will be collected. A total of 2000 10th grade high school students will be randomly selected to collect data on media exposure, internet use, and health status. In addition, student, teacher and parent focus groups will be conducted separately to assess the needs of media/ online literacy education. Health promotion media/ online literacy educational materials will be developed to assist teachers, schools, parents and community to deliver media/ online literacy education. In the second year (implementation and evaluation phase), 2000 11th grade high school students will be followed up. In addition, teachers in the experimental schools will be trained to implement health promotion media/ online literacy education program. The quasi-experimental design will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of health promotion media/ online literacy education program. A sample of 200 students from the experimental high schools and 200 students from the control schools will be selected to evaluate the effectiveness of the media/ online literacy education program.en_US
dc.titleThe Impact of Media Exposure and Internet Use on Youth Health: Follow-Up and Intervention Studyen_US
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