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Title: 「模仿」相關概念詞彙之探索-英、法、德、拉丁與古希臘文語意之對比研究
Exploring and Comparing the Semiotics of the Concept Of
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學歐洲文化與觀光研究所
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2013
Abstract: 在高科技、媒體所營造的虛擬世界當中,當代人的認同,彷彿就是在虛偽的真假並存的環境中。「模仿」、「擬仿」與「複製」的概念,與當代認同的方式與過程有相當大的關係。認同的議題,除了需要了解差異以外,也需要了解在不同語言、文化與思維的脈絡下,「模仿」概念以什麼樣的方式,用什麼樣的詞彙呈現。 「模仿」概念,若以廣義的角度切入,並不限制於 "imitation" 這一個來自拉丁語的英文用詞,換句話說,"imitation" 一詞,並不能涵蓋所有「模仿」相關的概念。「模仿」也有可能是暗示偽裝的「模擬」(simulation)、一個冒充真實的「偽造物」(counterfeit)或只是一個依照一個模型(model)而製作成形的複製品(copy)。每一個類似「模仿」的詞語,都有不同樣的存在意義,各有特別的認同方式(identification form)與特殊的認同過程(identification process)。 本研究案希望能追溯並闡述英、法、德、拉丁與古希臘文相關「模仿」的概念,並從詞彙、詞源與語意探究「模仿」概念互相的相關性,並分析與反思在不同語言、文化與思想脈絡與學術領域所探討的「模仿」概念的論述。同時,從哲學領域與「擬仿物」simulacrum/a、「模仿」(mimesis)相關概念為出發點,探究類似的哲學概念與詞彙,分析與了解其哲學語意,並從其他語言的翻譯,探究是否符合原本語意與詞源。
Living in a world full of hi-tech virtuality and constantly influenced by the mass media, we are nowadays concerned with our own identity which seems to be carried away by a mixture of reality and illusion. "Imitation", "simulation" and "copy" are ideas that appear to become more and more important with regard to the form and process of identification. Apart from investigating the idea of difference, the meaning and terminologies of the idea "imitation" in different languages, cultural context should also be explored and analyzed in order to understand the question of identity Approaching the Latin derived term "imitation" from its extensive meaning, the idea of "imitation" does not cover all possible forms of imitating activity. "Imitation" could point out a fake "simulation", a real counterfeit or just a copy which is reproduced according the image of a model. Different derivatives of the idea "imitation" have dissimilar and specific forms and process of identification. The main objective of the proposed research project is to trace and to expound different terminologies of the idea of "imitation" in English, French, German, Latin and Ancient Greek. The question of identity should be illuminated by analyzing the semiotics and etymologies of different concepts of "imitation" and by rethinking their significance in cultural and interdisciplinary contexts. Philosophical terms like simulacrum/a, mimesis and other similar terms which are cross-translated in different language should also be explored and taken into account in order to unveil and compare different philosophical meanings of the concept of "imitation".
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