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dc.description.abstractCultural tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing global tourism markets; and marketing plays an important role in promoting cultural tourism destinations and increasing their competitiveness and attractiveness. Based on the 'value-based marketing' concept of Kotler and Keller (2008); this study takes a comprehensive overview of previous literature and identifies three dimensions which embrace a series of factors related to the marketing of urban cultural tourism. First; 'value exploration' consists of segmentation; targeting and positioning - the essence of strategic marketing. This study demonstrates that cultural tourism market can be segmented by six factors. Some elements are also proposed to craft a city's positioning. The second dimension is 'value creation'; and authenticity; inclusiveness and creativity are the three critical factors for developing cultural tourism products. Third; 'value delivery' is concerned with how a city can deliver the new value offerings more efficiently. The establishment of partnerships and the deployment of supporting resources are deemed as crucial. Finally; the conceptual model of this study could be presented as a base line for further primary research.en_US
dc.relationInternational Journal of Leisure and Tourism Marketing; 1(4); 378-391.en_US
dc.titleCritical factors for marketing urban cultural tourism: A conceptual model.en_US
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