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Titel: 以資源基礎觀點探討台灣非營利組織國際援助策略
Autoren: 國立臺灣師範大學國際人力資源發展研究所
Erscheinungsdatum: 24-Sep-2005
Zusammenfassung: 跳躍式的科技文明使世界的距離縮短,也讓國與國之間的往來益趨頻繁。積極參 與各項國際事務,更為拓展國際資源、建立國際關係、發展友好外交、互相支援 回饋之重要途徑。台灣因為特殊的政治背景,在許多國際參與上有其限制與困境 ;如:2004年之南亞海嘯,在國際援助上台灣雖積極參與,最終卻仍無法突破政 治藩籬而有所遺憾。透過非營利組織經由國際援助的途徑,是跨越政治限制鴻溝 、參與國際事務的方式之一。所以在國際援助的策略運作上,有何關鍵成功因素 以完成策略使命目標?為本研究探討之焦點。本研究以資源基礎說之策略管理理 論為架構,探討伊甸社會福利基金會在國際援助策略上之運作方式。本研究採質 性研究法,資料收集以文獻探討、個案訪談方式進行。本文希望根據文獻探討比 較,並由訪談個案組織之領導者,以瞭解其國際援助策略之規劃與運作;進而分 析其核心能力,並對台灣非營利組織國際援助策略提出相關之建議。
The scientific technology has changed rapidly, which shortens the distance of the world and makes the interaction between countries more frequent. Actively participating in various international affairs is an importance way to expand a country's network, international relations, and diplomatic support systems. However, due to the special political status, Taiwan has a lot of limitations in terms of international participation. For instance, although Taiwanese government actively joined the assistance work for the South Asia tsunami in 2004, unfortunately it were still unable to break the political hedge. Because of the limitation of governmental participation, international participation of the non-profit organizations (NPOs) through humanitarian assistance becomes another choice. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to understand the key factors that can help NPOs to successfully achieve such goals. Utilizing the resources-based perspective of strategic management, this study investigated the operational strategy for international assistance of the Eden Social Welfare Foundation. This study adopted a qualitative approach and collected data by interview and literature review. After the data collection, this study would compare the results of literature reviews and interviews in order to find out the process of planning and operation for international assistance and the core competences. Finally, this study will provide suggestions with regard to the international assistance strategy for non-profit organizations in Taiwan.
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