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Title: 家政課程實施創造思考教學成效之研究
Other Titles: A Study of the Teaching Effectiveness of Creative Thinking in the Home Economics Course
Authors: 詹瓊華
Issue Date: Jun-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究主要目的是藉由實驗教學來探討及驗證,將創造思考教學方案應用在家政課程中,以瞭解學生創造思考能力改變之狀況。本研究採不相等前後測對照組實驗設計,經立意抽樣法選取臺北縣華僑高中二年級學生,共一百五十五人。實驗組二個班,對照組二個班,實驗組學生每週實施二小時的家政課程創造思考教學活動、對照組學生每週實施二小時的家政課程一般教學活動,共計十二週。本研究之測驗工具包括:國內吳靜吉等人(1994)修訂之拓弄思創造思考測驗、吳靜吉等人(1998)編定「新編創造思考測驗」。於實驗前、後進行測驗,以瞭解學生在接受家政課程創造思考教學方案教學後,是否會提高學生的流暢力、變通力、獨創力、精進力等屬於認知層面的創造思考能力。本研究將測驗所得之資料以SPSS10.0統計軟體進行單因子共變數分析、平均數、標準差與t檢定等統計分析進行處理、分析,經資料處理分析後,本研究主要發現如下:ㄧ、 實驗組學生在實施家政課程創造思考教學方案後,其圖形創造思考能力之流暢力、變通力、獨創力及精進力表現上,未能顯著優於對照組學生。二、 實驗組學生在實施家政課程創造思考教學方案後,其語文創造思考能力之流暢力、變通力、獨創力表現上,顯著優於對照組學生。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the teaching effectiveness of the home economics course with creative thinking instructional strategy for the students. Quasi-experimental design was conducted in this research. The study adopted the two sections of control group with unequal pre-test and post-test. The objects of the study were students from four classes of the eleventh grade at the national overseas Chinese experimental senior high school. The classes were separated into experimental group and control group. The experimental teaching was conducted a period of twelve weeks. The creative thinking instruction strategy was implemented for the experimental group against the control group. The author applied the measurement tools by Wu et al. (1994) "The Torrance Test of Creative Thinking" model and Wu et al. (1998) "The New Creativity Test" model to the study. To achieve the stated objectives and to test the hypotheses, the author adopted one-way ANCOVA, description statistics, and t-test. The statistical results showed:1. The experimental group who received the creative thinking teaching of the senior high school’s home economics course did not made significantly greater gains in fluency, flexibility, originality, elaboration of figural creative thinking abilities than the control group students.2. The experimental group who received the creative thinking teaching of the senior high school’s home economics course was reached the significant level in fluency, flexibility, originality of verbal creative thinking abilities, compared with the control group students.
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