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Title: Integrated Application of Digital Image Processing on Cosmetology Styling Design and Education
Other Titles: 數位影像處理在美容整體造型設計及教育上的整合應用
Authors: 吳明芳
Issue Date: Dec-2007
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 美容整體造型是人們美儀、人際關係及生活素質需求下的重要課題。傳統美容整體造型設計與教學之實現皆以人工實體為之,較不具效率及科技化。現今,隨著電腦科技的突飛猛進,以及數位影像處理技術的突破與廣泛應用,使得美容整體造型設計與教育的發展不得不跳脫傳統的陰影而走向科技時代的朝流。數位影像處理的發展已有四十年左右光陰。由於它具有改變視覺觀感的功能及視覺分析模擬的特性,所以非常適合用於美容整體造型設計及教育上的研究與發展。而專屬於這類應用之專業電腦系統及教育課程內容上的整合正是各技職院校之美容相關系科所迫切需求,但卻也非常缺乏。主要原因在於目前這類的專業電腦系統罕見昂貴,欲朝此發展則需花費大筆經費。有鑑於此,本研究實際將數位影像處理技術融合在美容整體造型設計的程序中,並進一步探討數位影像處理於美容整體造型課程之成效評估。目的則希望為美容整體造型設計及教育整合出一套合適且價位合宜的專業電腦系統,讓美容整體造型設計及教育能與科技相結合。
Cosmetology styling design is an important subject under the demand of people for beautiful appearance, interpersonal relationships, and life quality. Traditional cosmetology styling design and education are realized always via artificiality, which without efficiency and technology. Nowadays, the great advance of computer technology and the breakthrough and extensive application of digital image processing technique oblige the cosmetology styling design and education to escape from the shadow of tradition to the years of technology. The development of digital image processing has been over 40 years until now. Since digital image processing involves the ability of changing visual receptivity and the characteristic of vision impersonation, it is very applicable to apply such ability and characteristic for the research and development of cosmetology styling design and education. And the integration of professional computer system that belong to such application specially and educational course content is an urgent need for the department of cosmetology of technical and vocational schools. However, such professional computer systems are very rare since it is very expensive and costly. If towards this expansion, it is necessary to cost a large sum of funds. In view of the above description, this research actually let the image processing techniques be merged into the procedure of cosmetology styling design, and further discusses the outcome evaluation of digital image processing on cosmetology styling programs. Our purpose is to combine out a set of applicable professional computer system with suitable price for the cosmetology styling design and education, and to let the cosmetology styling design and education can be combined with science and technology.
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