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Title: 終身學習社會中學校公共關係之角色
Authors: 朱元祥
Issue Date: Dec-1999
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract:      學校在終身學習社會中扮演了推動者與實踐者的角色,學校必須整合自身的資源來對社會大眾提供更好的服務與協助,並且要適時的與外界溝通,了解外界的變化與需求,以發展出切合大眾需求的學校發展方向與日標。本文探討學校公共關係在終身牟習社會中所扮演的角色,從學校公共關係的重要性、目標與理論基礎,來看學校如何做好內外的公共關係,以協調內部力量並了解各方的需求,以促進終身學習社會的推廣,並提出今後所應努力的方向,以供參考。
     School plays the important role as a promoter and executioner in the life-long learning society. It should integrate it's own resources to provide better service and assistance for the society, and also needs to communicate with the people regularly tosense the changes and needs of the society, in order to develop its own direction and goal which will meet these needs. This article discusses the role of the school public relationship in learning society. From the aspects of its importance, purpose and theory basis to see how the school canuse internal and external public relationship, and combine the internal forces to cope with the needs of outside.
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