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Title: 國中實施審議式教學學習成效之初探研究
Other Titles: A Study of the Effect of the Application ofDeliberative Teaching in Junior High Schools
Authors: 胡淑華
Shu-Hua Hu
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract: 審議民主觀已從政治領域轉向教育層面之應用,目的在於開拓學生民主參與的能力。基此,如何將審議民主理論轉化於課程教學實踐即成關鍵。本研究旨在透過審議式教學瞭解學生學習成效及推動問題。本研究以國中八年級學生為研究對象,進行五週的課程教學,以質性研究方式進行資料蒐集分析,包括:學生綜合回饋表、訪談與教學省思札記等,藉以了解學生學習表現與教學實施的過程。本研究結論歸納如下: (一)學生自述審議式教學對其有助於提昇理性慎思與溝通能力,並學會尊重與欣賞不同意見; (二)透過師生互為主體的審議式教學,提供民主教育創新教學策略。
Adopt the concept of deliberative democracy from political domain to educational one aims to promote students' ability to participate in democracy. Basing on above, how to transform the theory of deliberative democracy into practice on teaching is an essential factor. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of deliberative teaching on students' learning effects and obstacles while implementing. The subjects were consisted of 28 eighth graders. Studentswere received a five-week instruction with the deliberative teaching concerning civic education.Qualitative data including forms of students' feedback, interviews and the instructor' s teaching journals were collected for data analyses. Results indicated that deliberative teaching is helpful to(1) enhance students' ability of rational thinking, communicating and respecting differentview points;(2) provide teachers an innovative teaching strategy about democratic education through deliberative teaching of inter-subjectivity between teachers and students.
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