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Title: 臺北市高級中學外埠寄宿學生適應狀況之調查研究
Other Titles: A Study of the Adjustment of the Senior High School Boarders from Cities Outside of Taipei
Authors: 鄭明痕
Issue Date: Jun-1980
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 近年來,由於我國工商發達、經濟繁榮,都市生活水準不斷提高,其文化水準亦超出農村地區甚多。由於經濟條件與文化水準的差別,鄉鎮地區之大、中學生乃自然而湧向都市的學校。特別是台北市的學校,更成為青年嚮往的目標。這種現象,不僅大學如是,即在中等學校亦然。目前我國中等教育已甚發達,台澎金馬地區計有公私立高級中學一百八十九所之多,且已遍佈全省各地。然而,各地國中畢業生競相湧向台北市的高中報考就讀,已逐漸形成一種風氣。這些學生年僅十五、六歲,身心發展尚未臻完全成熟,獨立適應生活之能力猶未具備,一但遠離家庭、獨自寄居在外,孤寂無助之感固所難免,而都市生活環境之複雜、誘惑之繁多、人情之淡薄等現象,極易形成彼等心理上的重大壓力,而影響其學習成就與人格適應。從另一方面看,青少年離家到外地求學,卻可滿足其獨立自主的心理需求,緩和青少年期親子間的緊張關係;減少青少年對父母的依賴,提供磨練期適應能力的大好機會,對於他們的成長與成熟是有幫助的。本研究室從高中學生心理發展觀點,探討青少年離家獨自在外求學,在生活上和學習上的適應問題,期能就實際情況作深入調查和瞭解。
In recent years it has been witnessed that the number of the students from other areas coming to study at senior high schools in Taipei is increasing. The students are at the age of about 15-16 and physically and psychologically immature. Being far away from home, they have to live off campus, in the complicated environment. The present study was aimed at investigating the adaptability of the students to the new environment and the effects to their scholastic achievement and personality development. A questionare was sent to each of the boarders in order to“1. Recognize the percentage, find out the size of the group and their present living conditions; 2. Understand their adaptability to the new environment; and 3. Investigate the factors related to their adaptability. The responses indicate that”1. 13.58% of the senior high schoolers in Taipei are from other places in Taiwan. In spite of the undesirable living conditions, they are capable of adapting themselves to the new environment simply because of their academic interest. 2. In addition to the family relation, the teaching attitudes of the teacher, the relation with fellow students, the boarding houses, and the leisure-time activities, etc. seem to have some effects on the adaptability of the students. Based on the findings of the present study, a number of suggestions are made: 1. Parents or teachers should not blindly encourage students to study in large cities. 2. Students should be trained to be independent before leaving home; those who are now studying in Taipei should be kept in contact with and constantly consoled as well as encouraged by their parents. 3. The school authorities should pay more attention to the students who are living at the lodgings outside the school. 4. The educational authorities should plan to build boarding houses for the students from other places. 5. The junior middle school students should be guided to attend local senior high schools.
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