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Title: 師大結業生分發實習前後教學態度與任教意願之比較研究
Other Titles: A Comparative Study of Teaching Attitude and Teaching Aspiration of Graduates of N.T.N.U. Before and After Student Teaching
Authors: 張芬芬
Issue Date: Jun-1986
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 「教育國之本,師範尤尊崇。」教育一向被吾人視為精神國防,與軍事、經濟並為國家的三大生命力;而教育工作的尖兵─ ─教師,更被譽為人類心靈的工程師,是「聯繫過去傳統文化、現在社會需要、與未來社會理想的關鍵人物」(林清江,民七十年a,頁一四)。在鉅觀之社會結構中,教師扮演重建社會文化、推動政治經濟發展的重要角色,而於微觀之教育體系裡,舉凡教育目的的達成、教育功能的策進,乃至教學目標的實現、教學效率的增進,均有賴於優良的教師。因此師範教育的重要性不言可喻。
The main purposes of this study are (1) to investigate the changes of teaching attitude of graduates of N.T.N.U. before an after student teaching;(2)to compare the differences of teaching aspiration of graduates of N.T.N.U before and after student teaching;(3)to make some suggestions for improving the teachers education based upon the finding of this study. 618 graduates of N.T.N.U in 1983 were used as the samples in this study. Teaching Attitude Scale and Teaching Aspiration Scale were statistically treated by T─text, one─way ANOVA, and Pearson Correlation. The main findings of this study are as follows:(1)Teaching attitude of N.T.N.U.’s graduates showed a tendency to decline after they has practiced teaching.(2)Teaching aspiration of N.T.N.U.’s graduates also showed a tendency to decline after they ahs practiced teaching because they has a negative attitude toward the job’s characteristics, the rewards, and the environments.(3)Female graduates were superior to male graduates in teaching attitude after they had practiced teaching. With regard to teaching aspiration, female graduates were also superior to male students before and after student teaching.(4)On both teaching attitude and teaching aspiration, the graduates of the science college were worse than those of the education, the liberal, and the art colleges.(5)The graduates of J.T.C. were superior to those of the native and the oversea students in teaching attitude & teaching aspiration.(6)There was a significantly positive correlation between teaching attitude and teaching aspiration. According to the findings above, some suggestions are presented:(1)To reinforce the educational contents of the normal schools in order to increase the critical thinking ability of the normal students.(2)To pay more attention to the attitude guidance of the normal students.(3)To augment influence of J.T.C. on their peer groups.(4)To reinforce the function of student teaching supervision.(5)To improve the teaching conditions in
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