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Title: 國民中學組織結構與教師工作滿意之關係
Other Titles: The Relationship Between Organization Structure and Teacher Job Satisfaction in Junior High Schools
Authors: 吳清基
Issue Date: Jun-1980
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 盱衡二次大戰以還,社會之變遷,至為快速,科技之發展,更是日新月異,處於今日這一知識爆增的時代,教育工作之推展,勢須不斷加以調適,以求肆應與配合。是以如何在有限時空環境之下,提高教育實施成效,以發揮教育應有功能,達成教育預期目標,乃為吾人應予關注之要務。夷考國民中學教育,一在繼續發揮國民小學教育之精神與功能,另在奠定高級中等學校教育之基礎,以為分化之預備,實居整體教育發展之關鍵。而其師資之良窳,與整個教育實施成效之關係,尤為密切,故如何提高國民中學之師資素質,以促進國民教育之進步,自危當務之急。
The major purposes of this study are: (1) to survey the actual differences of the operation of organization structure and teachers' job satisfaction in the junior high schools; (2) to find the correlations between them; and (3)to make some suggestions for improving the junior high school education. The method of this study is survey approach. The procedures of this study are, first, to study the reference literatures in order to construct the theoretic framework of this investigation; second, to get 267 teachers as samples by straffied random sampling. The measures used are“The Questionnaire of Organization Structure of The Junior High Schools”and“The Questionnaire of Teachers' Job Satisfaction in The Junior High Schools.” Some findings from the resources analysis are as follows: (1) There are some significant differences between the different communities and sizes of the junior high schools. (2) There are some significant differences of the job satisfaction among the different jobs, salaries and education backgrounds of the teacher, but not among sexes, years of service, communities, sizes and teaching subjects. (3) There is significant correlation between the dimensions of school organization structures and the dimensions of teacher job satisfaction. Based on the findings, we can make some suggestions for improving the junior high school education: (1) Increasing the finances of the junior high school education and establishing the middle or small size of schools. (2) Expanding the profession training works of the educations in the junior high schools. (3) Strengthening the role of the principals as school leaders in the operations of school organization structure. (4) Adjusting the administrative jobs of the teacher of junior high schools. (5) Enriching the contents of education works. (6) Guiding the teachers of the junior high schools to understand the school circumstances. (7) Establishing an active and positive attitudes resulting from job satisfaction on the
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