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Title: 全民國防教育融入國中社會領域地理教學
Other Titles: All-out Defense Education Integrated geography teaching in Junior High Schools
Authors: 林泰安
Tai-An Lin
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract: 本教學以問題導向學習輔以小組合作模式來進行「全民國防教育」探究教學,對象為國中八年級的學生。本研究在課程設計上,使用google map作為教學媒介。過程中,學生有權力去做決定和參與討論過程,改善並進而增進他們的能力。成效分析上,利用質化資料的分析,以學生部落格討論、學生訪談、課堂觀察、教師訪談、教學省思等資料,加以編碼撰寫,深入了解學生在課程進行中的反應及變化。在質化資料的分析上,可看出經實驗教學過後,學生會選擇有用及正確的資訊來解釋全民國防議題背後的成因,同時也在討論過程中,也能夠不同意見進而形成共識。此外,學生在探究飛航情報區與防空識別區、領海與專屬經濟海域等海空軍事地理問題時,能從空間分析、政治權力、國際關係發展的觀點出發,做出更完整及深入的思考。
The purpose of this teaching is to discuss the influence of junior school students learning Allout Defense Education by means of problem-based learning by integrating cooperative learning and google map. During the process, Students have the rights to make decision, and can even participate in the discussion process, in order to improve and develop its efficacy. The method of data collection is based on the the qualitative materials. The collections of the qualitative materials are on way of blog, learning lists and the interviews to few learners who has taken the exam. According to the analysis of qualitative data, the results were showed as follows: (I ) After teaching, most students already learned how to find useful and correct date to explain the phenomenon and could accept other opinions in the process of discussion. (2) Students also expressed their keen sense of self-direction in learning flight information region issue 、air defence denfication zone issue 、territorial sea issue and exclusive economic zone issue. Students used to explore air and sea military geography issues on the viewpoints of spatial analysis, political power and international relations development.
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